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Welcome back to the Melbourne Chapter of the SLP!

Melbourne is once again staging the global leadership development program for founders and CEOs of early stage ventures, the Startup Leadership Program.

Since 2012, we have had dozens of leaders with businesses ranging from real world health, online health care information through to auto servicing come through the program.

Here's a testimonial from Hany Pham, CEO of OneTouch an online documentation and workflow solution, who was actively raising capital during the program:
"The SLP is a highly valuable program for startups whether you are at concept stage or much further progressed. For me in particular, I wanted to learn how to raise capital for my startup, outside of all of the resources that you normally find on the Internet. The program had a wealth of resources, including sample annotated term sheets and the classes on capital raising were a significant factor in our ability to successfully raise our seed round from local angel investors. When dealing with investors, it's important that you are able to speak the same language as them, and despite having a legal background, everything from the documents, terminology and indeed the actual process were quite foreign to me as OneTouch is my first startup. There's a lot more to the program than just capital raising too, not to mention the global network of startups who are part of the SLP who are all free and willing to help out when needed. It was easily one of the best investments I have made into my business."

Applications will be open through June and July and classes will begin in September, at Inspire9

Your Melbourne Team

Program Leader : Ben Barrow and Lisa Du
Regional Director: Grant Downie

SLP is a selective, world-class training program for entrepreneurs who want to become top startup CEOs.

Melbourne SLP Fellows will build a life-long network with a group of outstanding founders, and connect with a growing global community of business partners, experts, advisors and investors.

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If you have any questions or would like to talk about mentoring or presenting for the Melbourne Startup Leadership Program please contact us.

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