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Welcome to the new SLP Paris Chapter!
Paris is the Startup Leadership Program's newest chapter, with {C}SLP is excited to be in this city of entrepreneurs, and to help the inaugural class learn key skills to build and run successful startups. Classes will be held in Paris. We'll share the location as soon as it is finalized

Paris Team

Program Leaders : Xavier Milin(PL), Laurent Beduneau-Wang, Claire Desombre, Hervé Franceschi, Cyril JEAN & Jérémie Bordier
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Regional Director : Joysy John
SLP Paris Fellows

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SLP is a selective, world-class training program for entrepreneurs who want to become top startup CEOs. Paris SLP Fellows will build a life-long network with a group of outstanding founders, and connect with a growing community of business partners, experts, advisors and investors. The program kicks off in September 2012, with two classes per month plus three all-day Saturday workshops.


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  • June 1 - July 15: Admissions Round 1
  • July 31 - Round 1 Decisions
  • July 16 - August 1: Admissions Round 2
  • August 15 - Round 2 Decisions
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