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SLP Fellows have started ventures in Life Sciences, Tech, Clean Tech, and Social Enterprise.

Below is a sampling of some of the startups.  For a complete list of all 105 startups started by current and past fellows, please click here.


iXiGo (Aloke Bajpai, 2011) is a travel search engine for Indian consumers. iXiGO searches across multiple airline, hotel, bus booking sites and compares the best deal across them to help travelers find the exact choice they are looking for. In terms of inventory searched, iXiGO is the most comprehensive travel site in India for flights, hotels and buses. iXiGO’s mission: to aggregate travel information and make it searchable and useful. iXiGO’s passion: technology that brings speed, usability and transparency to the travel world. iXiGO has established the travel metasearch model in India and is currently the biggest vertical travel search in that market.

Streetwise Media (BostInnovation, InTheCapital) (Chase Garbarino, 2010)

Streetwise Media operates a city news platform that harnesses the collective power of a local community to produce content and advance the public dialogue on important local issues. Streetwise Media's platform fills the void left by the broken traditional city newspaper model which does not align with consumer or advertisers needs in a digital world.

Retroficiency (Bennett Fisher, 2010)

Over $250B is spent annually on energy for US commercial buildings — 18% of the nation's footprint. Each year, auditors and consultants are hired to develop recommendations to reduce this expense. They are capable of evaluating only a handful of solutions at a handful of buildings, and often take weeks to do so. This leads to missed opportunities or, worse yet, poor capital decisions by building owners. Retroficiency gives owners the technology to evaluate thousands of building solutions in minutes. We identify more, and more effective, solutions to reduce energy consumption and emissions, lower operating expenses, and increase asset value. Retroficiency enables building efficiency and sustainability.

Shareaholic (Jay Meattle, Fellow 2010)

Shareaholic, Inc. is fanatical about making sharing on the web better, faster, easier, and more measurable. With over a million downloads, Shareaholic is the ultimate tool for sharing online. It is an award winning, free web browser add-on that lets users easily share, e-mail, tweet, bookmark, and blog stuff online with friends, family, and co–workers. Shareaholic is compatible with all major web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, and supports sharing with over 60 destination services including Twitter, Digg, Google Gmail, and Facebook.Shareaholic was founded in 2009 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Sensobi (Ajay Kulkarni, Fellow 2009) (sold to GroupMe)

Sensobi is a better address book for business professionals to help you stay on top of your important contacts. We let you know who you need to speak with, who is falling off your radar, and before you make that important call, when you last spoke and what it was about. We are revolutionizing the way you connect with your professional andpersonal networks. Download Sensobi and super charge your address book, your business, and your career.

FitnessKeeper (Michael Sheeley, Fellow 2009)

FitnessKeeper is the developer of RunKeeper, an iPhone application that enables you to use the built-in GPS in your iPhone 3G to track all of your outdoor fitness activities, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and path traveled on a map. You can store all of your historical activities on the RunKeeper website and share them with your friends!
first help  

First Help Financial (Parker Treacy, Fellow 2009)

First Help Financial is a financial services company focused on auto lending to the new immigrant population of the US. Incorporated in 2006, First Help Financial has developed proprietary underwriting and servicing models that are able to provide safe and reliable financing to new immigrant borrowers with little to no reportable credit or income. The company is establishing a traditional financing platform for immigrants, while giving them the ability to establish a credit history.

Relay Technology Management (Dave Greenwald, Fellow 2009)

Relay Technology Management is an intellectual property brokerage that operates in the biomedical space. Relay identifies valuable IP and facilitates licensure, sale, or new company formation. Relay has begun to develop a software product that can identify early-stage biomedical technologies that will be sold as a software product to complement Relay's core business function as an IP brokerage. Relay raised its Series A round from Nature Publishing Group in 2011.

Mass Medical Angels (Pushwaz Virk, Fellow 2008)

Mass Medical Angels is the first angel group in New England focussed entirely on the life sciences industry. This angel group brings together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, thought leaders and corporate executives in a unique format to accelerate the pace of enterprise development.

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