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Program Fees

Free to apply. The Fees below are only payable when you are admitted, within 7 days of receiving the information that you are admitted.

Application Fee: ZERO

Fees Payable Upon Admission (These are for the year 2014-15)
USA - USD 495
London - GBP 325
Paris - EUR 400
Moscow - RUB 15,000
Tel Aviv - ILS 1,200
India - INR 12,000
Melbourne - AUD 525
Shanghai - CNY 2,000
Singapore - SGD 600
Taipei - TWD 8,000
Tokyo - JPY 40,000

What is this money used for ?
Our pricing is based on what it costs to run the program. The fees you pay are used to cover the costs of providing you with food and beverages, paying for case studies, and for for gifts for various distinguished speakers, mentors and judges who give their time at no cost to our program. If you in an unfunded, full-time start-up, and have no family income, we will discuss arrangements with you. We will not turn anyone away who cannot afford to pay but the reason you cannot pay this small fee has to be extremely compelling.

Refund Policy
If you are asked to leave the Program because of lack of attendance, or drop out of the Program, there are no refunds.

Mailing List

Email address for admissions and newsletter!

Admissions Schedule

  • June 1 - July 15: Admissions Round 1
  • July 31 - Round 1 Decisions
  • July 16 - August 1: Admissions Round 2
  • August 15 - Round 2 Decisions
  • More