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Jason Lim, Founder,

Jason Lim is the Founder of, a social roommate matching web service in China. Jason is also very active in the technology start-up scene in Asia, where he is an Editor for, the leading English tech blog in China. Prior to, he worked at, where he lead key business development initiatives with world renowned developers, such as Rovio and Popcap, to bring their mobile apps in the HTC App Store in China. Jason has also worked at Pacific Strategy Partners, Blackdot Consulting, Third Horizon Consulting Partners and Ernst & Young in Sydney. He holds a Commerce Degree in Accounting and Marketing from the University of New South Wales. He is also a big fan of design and travelling. Jason is passionate about converting world inefficiencies into sustainable business opportunities, as well as being famous on television. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Zhou Zhou, Freewheel.TV

Zhou Zhou currently works in as an engineer leader in Beijing. FreeWheel is the major online video ad serving provider in US. Its clients include ABC, FOX, ESPN, Turner, Youtube and other big names. Zhou’s team focuses on solving the critical revenue and payment management problem which obstructs the clients’ business. Before FreeWheel, he worked in Cadence, a top EDA company, and made good accomplishments there. Most recently, Zhou was named the founding Program Leader for the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing. Zhou received his bachelor and master degree of Electronic and Engineering in Tsinghua University. He also holds a MBA degree from HeJun Business School. His hobbies include reading, travelling, soccer and programming. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing and a Co-Program Leader.

Yoyao Hsueh, Founder, Mashup

Yoyao Hsueh is the Founder of mashup sport and social, a platform to engage young professionals in quality, organized social activities. Prior to mashup, he worked as an actor / director / producer / writer entertaining people all over the world. He was also a product manager at Xingtone overseeing their desktop and web applications. Yoyao is now bringing fun to people in Beijing through sports leagues and social events. He holds a B.S. in Marketing Management from Georgia Tech. He is a 2012 Co-Program Leader and Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Anna Tsui, Founder, Wokaishi

Anna Tsui is the co-founder of, a dynamic online platform for fitness and health. Prior to devoting her life to providing Chinese citizens with the best way to do get a six pack, Anna did business and operations management for The Venture Development Center in Boston, MA where she helped start-ups launch and develop their products. By now, she has started two international start-ups and is an expert at figuring out the unknown. She was awarded various scholarships that allowed her to do cool things like sip cappuccinos while studying Italian art and culture in Viterbo, Italy; create the first university-wide student magazine; and graduate with a degree in economics from UMass Boston. Anna is passionate about being a leader in developing the Chinese fitness industry. She is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Angda Li, Founder,

Angda Li is the founder of, a SaaS SNS and Enterprise 2.0 service platform. Prior to zhiliren, he worked at Accenture as an analyst, Angda has also worked at W&H Law Firm. He is an expert in Internet and strategic consulting. He holds a MSc in Geography from Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences and a BS in Physics from Tsinghua University. Angda’s hobbies include reading, methodology thinking and design. Angda is passionate about solving the problem of organizational social collaboration and working efficiency of chinese white collars. Angda is a member of Mensa Club. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Zhenbo Su, Founder, Techconnect Medical

Zhenbo (Frank) Su is the founder of Techconnect Medical Company, a startup focus on connecting innovative medical technology with surgeon in China. Prior to entrepreneur experience, he worked at Alcon, a Novartis company, where he managed an ophthalmic business as an Area Director. Frank has also worked at Techlink Medical as a co-founder, where he developed a medical business from scratch to a top 5 in China market in 4 years. Before that, he was a sales manager in Johnson&Johnson Medical China. Also Frank has some professional experiences in Law firm and hospital. He is an expert in government affair and sales/marketing management. Frank was awarded best graduate and best sportsman in University. He holds master degree both in law and in medical science. He is a fan of football and travelling. Frank is passionate about solving the problem in developing and introducing innovative medical technology into developing countries. He is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Michael Ma, Founder & CEO, Panda Studios

Ma Jingjing (Michael, Nickname is Panda) is the Account Director of WOM-China, a PR firm, and CEO of Panda Studio,s focus on the SNS based organizations China. His studio’s goal is to help everyone work find their favorite company to work for. Prior to his startup experience, he worked at Ericsson, a telecoms company, where he managed an e-business product for the housekeeping industry as product manager. Michael has also worked at Kaifu’s Students Network as webmaster, where he led 300 volunteers serving for 600,000 members. Michael has five years of experience in Marketing and Project Management. He is an expert in product marketing and new media marketing. Michael has been awarded MVP of Kaifu’s students network, and the best worker of WOM-China. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. He loves reading and Basketball. Michael is passionate about solving the problem of How to build great Social Network. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Tian Lin, Founder, Giftdream

Tian Lin is the founder of GiftDream, a website that helps boys to find dream gifts for girls. Prior to the startup, he worked at Microsoft Research Asia, where he spends two years in research. He is a PhD. student of Tsinghua University in Computer Science, majoring in Computer Graphics, and also a tech geek contributing to open source community. Tian was awarded 1st prize Challenge Cup Competition of Science & Technology in Beijing, and won Sohu Science & Technology Scholarship, and ESS Alumni Scholarship in Tsinghua. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science. He is a fan of swimming and billiards. Tian is passionate about solving the problem of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, and achieving universal primary education. He is 2012 fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Fei Qi, Nutrition Scientist, COFCO

Fei Qi is a nutrition scientist in COFCO Nutrition & Health Institute, as well as the vice president of Nepenthe Agriculture Cooperation, which focus on providing valuable out-of-season vegetables via special biotechnology methods. Prior to entrepreneur experience, Fei had a strong background in both scientific research and social activities. Fei had spent 7 years at College of Life sciences, Peking University and 3 years at UCLA, and got a Ph.D. in Cell Biology at 2010. During his work at UCLA as both a staff and a visiting scholar, he was focusing on internal organ (liver, pancreas, gut etc.) development and diseases, and got nice papers published in high profile journals (PLOS Biology and Hepatology). During his college life, Fei was always a student leader who was in charge of several different groups including Students’ Union and university associations. Lots of awards were obtained during this time. Fei had held a Certificate of Business Fundamentals provided by UCLA Extension in preparation for future business career. Fei is also a certificated PADI open water diver and a certificated NYIP professional photographer. He is a fan of traveling, movies and lots of sports. Fei is passionate about building a right and profitable business model in Chinese Health Industry. He is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Takuma Baba, CFO, VERT Labs

Takuma Baba is the CFO of VERT Labs Group, a provider of world’s 1st cost effective wave power generation station — “Our mission is to design products for generating efficient, cheap, and stable clean energy to the global market, based on our unique wave network technology.” Prior to undertaking the entrepreneurial journey, Takuma worked at Aetos Capital and Ripplewood Holdings, pioneers of private equity in Japan, where he spear-headed various investments including going-private transaction of Simplex Investment Advisors. He was responsible for the financial turnaround of the company post acquisition. Takuma has also worked at Morgan Stanley in its investment banking M&A department. He is an experienced investment professional with significant exposure to corporate management. Takuma is currently pursuing joint MBA degree from Columbia Business School, London Business School, and The University of Hong Kong (expected graduation May 2012). Takuma is passionate about environmental sustainability, promoting renewable energy globally to realize a cleaner, better world for future generations. He is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Adam Guli, Founder, Lets Powwos

Adam is a dynamic and results driven leader, with a passion for international business development and management. His strengths include team building, employee training and leadership of sales initiatives. He has studied at world renowned institutions in the United States, Japan, and China, and brings the high level of linguistic skill essential to conducting successful international business. Building on his diverse educational background, he has gained extensive experience of sales and business development in Asian cultures leading to the formation of his own company (Let’s Powwow玩聚).

Lerui (Collins) Zhu, Founder, Wicent

Lerui (Collins) Zhu is now a co-founder of Wicent. Co.Ltd, a internet service company, focusing on Online games & SNS on mobile. His management team includes top talent from leading listed network gaming company (NASDAQ:CYOU), Internet company (NASDAQ:SOHU, NASDAQ:SINA ), and the well known SNS games company. Now his company has completed the first round of strategic investment and Hoolai which is the biggest SNS game company in China, will be his authorized agent on QQ Platform. Before his start up, he got a Masters from Peking University, and then worked for Intel and Freescale as a Software engineer. He is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Andy Rui, Andy’s Digital Shop

Andy Rui runs Andy’s digital shop, which sells Apple products in the CBD district in Beijing . He is also a web developer and product manager who likes programming , online travel , group sales and social network . Andy has gained rich experience of agile programming , team-working management and also about how to run a real electronics business. Currently he is leading a internet program regarding social network in China. He is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.


Wu Jie is a Business Strategy Analyst at UFIDA, a Chinese IT consulting company. Prior to joining UFIDA, she was a Technical Constant at eFront, analyst at SAP, and worked at GE Healthcare. Wu holds degrees from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), École Supérieure d’Électricité and Xi’an Jiaotong University. She was selected as a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Sébastien Armand,

Sébastien Armand is the Founder & CEO,, a Marketing and Advertising company in China. Prior to starting Linads, he was a Product Manager at JCDecaux where he completely rebuilt the IT systems, worked as an ERP Engineer at Dalkia and interned at Orange Labs in Beijing. He holds a degree in information technology from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.


QingPei Wang, Oracle

QingPei Wang is a Senior Software Developer of Oracle Corporation. He worked at Marvell and AMD with the new technology of X86 Low Level System. QingPei is also a mentor of Google Summer Code Program which focus on the opensource world. He is an expert in Electronic System Design and IT system architecture. He holds double master degrees in Electronic engineering and Geographic Information System which trained him to be the one who is good at LBS, SNS and Mobile Platform. QingPei is passionate about researching leading edge computer technology and using these to improve people’s life quality. He is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

Tony An, Navigator Holdings

Tony An is the Investment Manager for Navigator Holding (HK). Prior to Navigator Holding, Tony worked at_T&J Infinite Singapore LLP, where he was a Partner. Tony has also worked at Bank of America and State Street separately as an analyst. He holds an Master of Business Administration and BA of Economics. He is the founding Program Leader and Fellow of the SLP Class of 2012 Beijing.

Shiqing Wang, Tsinghual University

Shiqing Wang is currently pursuing a Masters in Biotechnology at Tsinghua University. He is also Vice President of the Tsinghua Entrepreneurship Association. He has done research into autism and alzheimers, and some of the research has been funded by Pfizer and the Chinese Government. Shiqing has worked with Proctor & Gamble to build nanocosmetics technology in South China. He received a Bronze Prize at the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) at MIT. Shiqing has also volunteered at the China Anti-doping Center for Beijing Olympic Games. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Tsinghua University. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Beijing.

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