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Boston Fellows

Adam Powell ,Payer+Provider Syndicate

Adam Powell is the President of Payer+Provider Syndicate, a consulting firm which uses health services research techniques to improve the operations of health insurers and hospitals. He is concurrently an Adjunct of Health Informatics at Northeastern University. Prior to Payer+Provider, he worked at Oliver Wyman Health & Life Sciences, where he provided strategic consulting to payers. Adam has also worked at Humana and Microsoft. He is an expert in health insurance, health information technology, and economics. Adam’s insights on healthcare have been featured by CNN, NBC News, Reuters, and countless trade sources. He holds a Ph.D. in Health Care Management & Economics from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor’s degrees in Management Science and Writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He enjoys painting abstracts and studying Mandarin Chinese. Adam is passionate about using commercial means to improve the healthcare system. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Aditya Bharadwaj ,nighthawk apps, LLC

Aditya Bharadwaj is the founder of nighthawk apps, a consulting firm building Cloud and Mobile apps. Prior to nighthawk apps he worked with a team from Northeastern University/Mass Art to develop a device to monitor the wellness of Elderly People. Aditya also worked at Applied Nanosystems where he conducted market research and projected financial plans for building a low cost, Point-of-Care, Biomarker based Cancer Detection device. He spent the Summer of 2012 interning with various GeoSocial Startups in Silicon Valley. He is an expert in evaluating new technologies and building rapid prototypes for real world applications. Aditya was awarded Tech Quiz Champion during his undergraduate studies in India. He holds a degree in Engineering and Entrepreneurship. He is a fan of Creativity and Quantified Self. He enjoys listening to progressive house music. Aditya is passionate about distributing Innovations and advancing Humanity. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Ashok Chander ,Cellanyx Diagnostics

Ashok Chander is excited to leverage his quantitative background and biological experience towards translating basic science into clinical gains. Ashok enjoys collaborating with scientists and executives towards advancing our understanding of biological processes, the discovery of clinically relevant technologies, and creating value for the people who fund scientific research. Ashok is currently involved in integrin & matrix biology research towards a better understanding of oncogenesis and metastasis. Ashok is interested in working towards a better understanding of epithelial-born cancers towards the development of a more sensitive in vitro cancer prognostic. Moreover, Ashok is involved in developing a cell-based assay to screen for novel compounds that inhibit cancer growth and metastasis. Grounded in a strong interest in mammalian biological research, Ashok is passionate about translating basic scientific discoveries into therapeutic gains. Ashok has been engaged in academic research on one level or another since the age of 16 - advised by two Nobel laureates along the way. In addition to oncology research, Ashok has been engaged in research relevant to multi-drug resistance, learning & memory, and alzheimer’s.Experienced in academic research and entrepreneurship spanning the life sciences, oncology, medical device, healthcare, and information technology industries. Passionate about quality, execution, and effectively presenting conclusions based on quantitative analysis. Ashok has been engaged in cancer research since 1996. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Bennett Sikes ,MOTU

Bennett Sikes is the co-founder of Nuts & Bolts, a company that helps CEOs of startups and small businesses run their business from their phone and save money at the same time. He also works at MOTU, where he runs engineering. Bennett is an expert in software development and engineering management. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. He is a fan of Business Model Generation, Customer Development and Lean Startup. Bennett is passionate about solving the problem of trust and cooperation in a multicultural society. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Christopher Pirie ,Manus Biosynthesis

Christopher Pirie is a Senior Scientist and Co-Founder at Cambridge, MA based Manus Biosynthesis where he helped negotiate technology licensing from MIT and corporate research and development partnerships. Chris earned his Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from MIT in 2011 where his thesis research focused on therapeutic protein engineering, expression of heterologous proteins in E. coli, and intracellular drug delivery. While there he was a recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, served on the Institute Committee on Intellectual Property, and was a founding writer, editor, and now board member for the MIT Entrepreneurship Review. He is co-author of two peer-reviewed publications as well as two manuscripts under review and co-inventor on a pending patent for biological agents for intracellular drug delivery. Chris is an avid soccer player and sailor. He likes long walks on the beach and is a 2013 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Daniel Rubin ,GroupJournals

Dan Rubin is the CoFounder and Chief Marketing Officer of OurLabBook, a cross-platform web application designed for use in research laboratories and science classrooms. He is a PhD candidate in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, has published two papers and is a co-inventor on one provisional patent; a novel material designed for use in orthopedic tissue engineering. He has worked extensively with the Office of Technology Development at Harvard University, analyzing the commercial potential of new technology as it emerges from Harvard laboratories. In His remaining time, He serves as a Senior Partner in business development with FairSetup, an HR Technology startup that is reengineering performance evaluation, impact calculation, and compensation to drive company culture and efficiency. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

David Lanphear ,Frat Labs Inc.

David Lanphear is the founder and CEO of Frat Labs Inc. He settled for a Fortune 100 job as a database guy and production support guru before founding his latest venture, Frat Labs, in his spare time. He graduated from Bentley University with a Masters in Information Technology and an MBA in Management while starting an online reputation management company out of his dorm. He stays connected to his alma mater through volunteer efforts while serving on the executive committee of the Kappa Sigma Pi-Kappa alumni chapter, which he also co-founded. His favorite beer is anything that tastes like water. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Dilani Kahawala ,fsense

Dilani Kahawala is the cofounder of fsense, a startup that aims to be the Hotwire for high fashion. Dilani is a graduate student at Harvard completing a PhD in theoretical particle physics. Her work is focused on developing techniques and algorithms that help with the discovery of new particles at the Large Hadron Collider, and has published four peer reviewed journal articles in this area. Dilani was the recipient of the General Sir John Monash Award for graduate study from Australia. Dilani is passionate about physics and fashion and in her spare time enjoys reading fashion blogs, discovering international designers and shopping! She is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Han Shu ,Vlingo

Han Shu was born and raised in China, then came to the US for high school and higher education. He was a grand prize winner of USA Mathematical Talent Search. At MIT, he was a finalist for the $100k Competition. After focusing on Speech Recognition and Machine Learning technology, he co-founded Vlingo after MIT. At Vlingo, they delivered world's first voice search mobile application, and world's first voice based personal assistant mobile application (ahead of apple's iphone siri). Vlingo's mobile application powers Samsung Galaxy III's SVoice, which has shipped 30 million units in 5 months since launch. Vlingo currently processes over 8 million voice requests per day. He personally lead the speech recognition effort for the voice search product, and the natural language processing effort for the personal assistant product. Vlingo recently was acquired by Nuance. Han holds B.S., M.Eng., and PhD. degrees from MIT. He is passionate about applying state-of-art technology to solve real world problems. Han is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

James Peverill ,Rotary Robotics

James Peverill is the founder and CEO of Rotary Robotics, a business dedicated to creating the world’s lowest cost aerial photography tool: a smartphone controlled electric aircraft which is portable and easy to use. His company was selected as a MassChallenge 2012 Finalist and a finalist in the 2013 Haverhill Hardware Horizons Challenge. He has worked in the small unmanned aerial vehicle industry for over 6 years, and was a founding developer of the Aurora Flight Sciences Skate Small Unmanned Aerial System. His team internally bootstrapped the product and grew it into a new business division for the company. James holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Brown University. He holds numerous patents in unmanned aerial vehicle technology and is also pursuing a part-time masters degree in electrical engineering at Boston University. When he isn’t flying drones he enjoys skiing and working on cars. James is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Jason Rush ,ShoutBot

Jason Rush is the co-founder and CEO of ShoutBot, Inc., a free web and app based social network that allows users to share their voice with the world. Prior to ShoutBot, he worked at LogMeIn, where he was on the search marketing team and was also in charge of all mobile advertising. Jason has also worked at, Boston Interactive and TXT160 (another startup he founded). He is an expert in online marketing and strategy planning. Jason was awarded the 2012 alumni award for ShoutBot at the Suffolk University New Product Innovation Competition. He holds a degree in marketing and business communications as well as an MBA. He is a fan of almost any kind of music as well as the Eagles, Yankees and Celtics. Jason is passionate about enhancing connectivity between people and the world around them. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Jason Shin ,Delightfully, Inc

Jason is the founder and CEO of Delightfully Inc. Since college, Jason has worked in the marketing department at Boston Interactive (a web design agency), (an advertorial marketing site) and LogMeIn (a remote access software company). He specializes in online and mobile marketing promotion, launch promotion, and business development. Dedicated and driven, He enjoys reading tech and startup news as well as coming up with innovative ideas to solve every day problems. Jason earned his undergraduate degree in marketing and communications from Nichols College and his MBA from Suffolk University. He is a 2013 fellow in Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Javier Lara ,Newtech

Javier Lara is founding team member of Newtech, today's largest IT Outsourcing firm in Dominican Republic, with over 600 employees, serving clients in the Financial and Telecommunications Industry from United States and Dominican Republic. More recently, he co-founded Yupi (, a web startup for managing employee perks and benefits. Employees of different companies use Yupi everyday to purchase things such as food, gym subscriptions, spas, travel, and others. Yupi is on target to process over 500,000 transactions in 2012. Javier holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and is currently pursuing an MBA at Babson College F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. He was selected Finalist at Singularity University’s Global Impact Competition 2012, sponsored by Orange Dominicana. Javier is passionate about fostering startup ecosystem and culture in Dominican Republic. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Jeffrey LeBlanc ,Hadron Industries

Jeffrey LeBlanc is the Lead Designer at Hadron Industries, a firm building next generation gestural computing and data visualization systems. Prior to joining Hadron, he worked at Potion Design, where he designed and built interactive environments for clients such as The Smithsonian, Nike and Bell Labs. He is an expert in interactive user experiences and data visualization. He received a B.S. in Mathematics from MIT, and a masters degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Jeff is passionate about creating tools to enable interdisciplinary analysis of complex problems. Please visit to learn more. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Joe Cerra ,Vlingo

Joe Cerra is the co-founder of Vlingo, a mobile speech recognition company that was recently acquired by Nuance Communications. His passion for digital began in 1998, when he was the first Account Manager at Canada’s largest newspaper (The Toronto Star) to switch from print to online. His last role in North America was as Product Manager for the Digital Division of DAC Group where he led a team of product specialists and provided project management support for their work in directory, CPM, CPC and SEM campaigns billing $4 million (USD). Outside North America, he worked as a Global Key Account Manager for Zanox; the leading European performance advertising network before starting his own digital consultancy: Burton Media Consulting, whose specialties include: client services, project management, online marketing, social media, PR and engagement. Under the pen-name 'Kate Black' Joe also writes a successful eco-fashion blog Joe has a degree in Computer Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, and Computer Science from Tufts where we received his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

John Wolff ,Urban Electronic Games

John Wolff is the Founder & Lead Producer at Urban Electronics, a video game studio focused on utilizing third party health metrics to augment gameplay and creating games of meaningful simulation to enhance reality. UEgames goes beyond solely virtual entertainment, creating “Games with Meaning”. Prior to Urban Electronics, he worked at Jumptap doing international operations as he holds a degree from Boston University in international relations and japanese. He received the $1k Business Concept award from Boston University's Institute of Technological Entrepreneurship and Commercialization and $5k award from National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance. He presented at TEDxBU, and does a lot of backflipping and krumping (form of dance). John is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston

Kerry Mahon ,Stemgent, Inc.

Kerry Mahon is the Manager of Scientific Development at Stemgent, Inc., a company that is pioneering new methods of cellular reprogramming. He joined Stemgent as one of the first scientific hires at the outset of the company in 2008 and continues to support R&D while coordinating new technology evaluation, partnerships, and licensing activities. Kerry completed his postdoctoral studies with Prof. Robert Langer and Prof. Dan Anderson at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he engineered new materials for the therapeutic delivery of siRNA, improving delivery efficiency in non-human primates by orders of magnitude over previously published methods. As a graduate student at Boston College, he was awarded a fellowship in Chemical Biology and completed his dissertation under the direction of Prof. Shana Kelley. There, his research focused on the generation and application of novel peptide conjugates for the purposes of studying amino acid-DNA interactions, subcellular localization of small molecules, and cellular responses to oxidative stress. Kerry has consulted for various early stage startups and also held positions at Pfizer, Inc. working in scale-up chemical synthesis and process development. He is an author on ten peer reviewed publications and named inventor on four patents. Kerry is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Kris Hart ,The CollegeGolfPass LLC

Kris Hart is the Founder and CEO of The CollegeGolfPass LLC. Kris leads the CollegeGolfPass team on a mission to make golf more affordable, accessible, and fun for young adults. Starting with college students, the CGP team will make make golf a reality for all young adults. He started CGP during his spare time in 2011 while working in investment research at Cerulli Associates and now has been running the company full time since August 2012. Kris and his team were the winners of the 2012 Alumni New Venture Competition at his alma mater Bryant University where he graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Business Administration and a concentration in Financial Services. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Lisa Spitz ,RebelWomen

Lisa Spitz is the Co-Founder of RebelWomen, an online community offering connections, promotional advertising, and mentor support for entrepreneurial women. Prior to RebelWomen, she worked at CAST, where she was Director of Design for all of CAST's interactive eLearning environments, websites, social media, and print collateral. Lisa has also worked at Fidelity Investments, American Tower Corporation and Vistaprint. She is an expert in User Experience Design and User Research. She holds a Masters of Design in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Graphic Arts from Regis College. She is a fan of swimming, biking, and having a clean kitchen. Lisa is passionate about leveraging the power of design thinking to transform society's problems into viable solutions. She is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Masaru Tsuchiya ,SiEnergy Systems, LLC

Masaru Tsuchiya is the Vice President and Co-Founder of SiEnergy Systems, a Harvard spin-off company commercializing novel thin film solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology. He is an expert in thin film materials science and electrochemical energy conversion devices. Masaru received 2009 Bernard S. Baker Student Award for Fuel Cell Research, and 2008 Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award. He earned PhD and MS from Harvard University and BS from Keio University (Japan). He is also a graduate of Leading Clean Energy Ventures program at Boston University School of Management. Masaru is passionate about solving global clean energy challenge through technology innovation. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Pamela Basto ,MIT Koch Institute

Pamela Basto is a Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering in the Harvard-MIT Health Science & Technology Program and NSF Fellow who is completing her dissertation research under the tutelage of Professor Robert Langer, Professor Omid Farokhzad, and Professor Ulrich von Andrian. Her research involves developing a novel polymeric vaccine platform and studying the mechanism that drives its potent antigen-specific adaptive immune response. Her work has contributed towards 7 co-authored peer-reviewed papers, 4 awards, and 7 patents, 6 of which are licensed to two start-ups that have become major players in translating nanoparticles therapeutics to the clinics: Selecta Biosciences & BIND Biosciences. Along with her interests in modulating the immune system, she is passionate about global health and US health care reform. She has experience in the clinics as an internal medicine intern both in the Texas Medical Center and at Mt. Auburn/MGH and with community health initiatives with The Family Van and Boston MALE Center. She has consulted for CARE Hospitals, fourth largest tertiary care hospital chain in India, to help secure their customer base. She graduated magna cum laude from The University of Texas-Austin in Biomedical Engineering. She is a 2013 fellow in the 2013 Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Raul San Jose ,iLungDx

Raul San Jose is the co-founder & CEO of iLungDx, an early stage company that develops image-based biomarkers for lung and cardiovascular conditions to provide decision making opportunities for payors, healthcare providers and patients. He is also the founder and main developer of Airway Inspector (, an open-source tool for CT-based image quantitative analysis of the lung that is being used in multiple clinical centers around the world for the study of emphysema and airway disease. Raul is a Research Associate at Brigham and Women's Hospital and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School where he has been a faculty member for the last five years. He is a K25 awardee and has secured ~5MM in non-dilutive funding from the NIH to develop the core technology for iLungDx. Prior to iLungDx, Raul co-founded Hibergenica, an organ preservation solution that was created at Harvard Medical School. Hibergenica was awarded the Second Prize in the "Big Undiscovered Idea" competition at Massachusetts Life Sciences Innovation Day 2010. The company later became SomahLution and has received funding for commercialization. He is also an investment intern at Siemens Venture Capital where he has conducted due diligence and research on innovations and companies in imaging and diagnostics within the healthcare sector. Raul received his M.Sc and Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Valladolid, Spain, in 1999 and 2005, respectively, where he graduated magna cum laude. He also holds an executive certificate in Management and Leadership from MIT Sloan. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Richard Whalley ,Common Sensing

Richard Whalley is co-founder & CEO of Common Sensing, a company focused on empowering patients with smart medical devices. Common Sensing's first hardware product improves diabetes self-management by increasing awareness about how injectable medicine is used. Richard is a creative engineer and self-learner exploring ideas at the intersection of complex information, technology, media, community & empathy. Prior to Common Sensing, Richard was an associate at CBT Advisors, where he investigated the nuts and bolts of venture-backed companies in the life sciences and health IT sectors. Richard holds a B.S. in Chemistry from MIT, and is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Sevan Chorluyan ,Bell Tower Foods

Sevan Chorluyan is the cofounder and President of Bell Tower Foods, a grocery truck franchise aiming to promote healthy eating and reduce obesity. Prior to Bell Tower Foods, he worked at the Veteran Health Affairs Boston Healthcare System, where he was a health system administrator. Sevan has also interned at the WHO in Geneva, the United States Congress and has worked as a medical assistant. He holds a masters degree in Public Health (2012) and a B.S in Health Science (2011). He is a fan of open source, modular design, smart systems, democratic budgeting, the end of consumerism, and the realization of the internet’s full potential. Sevan is passionate about solving the problem of noncommunicable diseases and strengthening healthcare systems. Sevan plans to launch a social media website called aiming to connect people through local online broadcasting. His long term goal is to launch a crowdfunded health insurance company. He is in the 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Shawn Harris ,Nyopoly

Shawn Harris is the co-founder & CEO of Nyopoly, a members-only shopping experience where every price is personal. With Nyopoly, you negotiate your price on fabulous and unique finds in fashion, getting coveted styles on your terms. Our marketplace is curated exclusively for our members, bringing you trendy, must-have accessories, jewelry, watches, handbags and more. With Nyopoly, get the latest looks, all at a great price - your price. Prior to Nyopoy, he worked at ECC Life & Style, a luxury menswear company, where he was co-Founder and CEO. Shawn has also worked at IBM, and TJX, and has consulted to BJ’s and Staples. He is an expert in retail and retail technology, and loves a good problem to solve. He holds a degree in BS from UMASS and MBA from Babson College. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Thara Pillai ,RebelWomen

Thara Pillai is the Principal of TNP Consulting, a management consulting firm that specializes in marketing and business development. She has advised global companies such as SES-ASTRA, Universal Music Group, and Terra Lycos. For SES Astra she conducted an evaluation of key markets in EMEA for the company's 10 year strategic plan. Prior to this, Thara was head of the video division for in New York. She pioneered some of the first video entertainment and advertising propositions on the Internet, securing and creating advertising and sponsorship programs with Reebok, Universal Music Group, DreamWorks Music, Warner Bros., BMG and Sony Music. Thara’s career began in broadcasting, where she worked as a television journalist, producer, and bureau manager. In Toronto, New York, and London she worked for companies such as ABC, CBC, CTV, Discovery, and Vision TV. She holds an MBA in Global Media & Telecommunications from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, a Master of Journalism from Carlton University in Ottawa, and a BA in Media from Ryerson University in Toronto. She is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Zachary Cary ,KeraFAST, Inc

Zachary Cary is the Director of Business Development at KeraFAST Inc. Prior to joining KeraFAST, he worked with Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Del Monte Foods, and Kilpatrick Stockton, an intellectual property law firm. Zachary finished a PhD in Biochemistry from Wake Forest University in 2011, where he assessed an oncolytic virus vector as a potential brain tumor therapy. While pursuing his PhD research, he enrolled in the MBA program at Wake Forest University Schools of Business, which he completed in 2010. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Zoe Barry ,ZappRx

Zoe Barry is the Founder and the CEO of ZappRx. She leads the ZappRx team and leads the company’s delivery of a new prescription management system that will be utilized by target consumers in the healthcare arena. She has also founded seed2sequoia, an open seminar series that defines 4 key stages of a startup. seed2sequoia runs one seminar monthly out of The Venture Cafe in Cambridge. Zoe received a BA in Anthropology with a Concentration in American History from Columbia University in 2007. She was nominated to the Honors Thesis Seminar and the Dean's List. She is a 2013 Fellow in the startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Ahmed Samir Mady, Posterfolio

Ahmed is the founder and CEO of Posterfolio, an online crowdfunding platform for healthcare research. Ahmed is also the treasurer and co-founder of EgyptNEGMA, a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization in the state of Massachusetts that supports social innovators and entrepreneurs who are working to solve some of Egypt's most significant challenges. Ahmed is currently doing his postdoctoral fellowship in the Cardiovascular Research Center at Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital. His research is focused on stem cell applications in Heart diseases and Diabetes. He earned his Medical Degree from the University of Alexandria in Egypt. Ahmed is a member of several medical, business and social organizations in Egypt and the United States. He sits on a number of boards, including as the past-chair of the Massachusetts General Postdoctoral Association, a co-vice president of the Harvard Consulting Club and the CEO of his family business in industry.  Ahmed is passionate about bridging the gap between researchers and the public by simplifying the way scientists communicate and fund their ideas.  He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership program in Boston.

Akansh Murthy, HermesIQ

Akansh Murthy is a co-founder of HermesIQ, a healthcare IT startup that is building productivity tools for physicians. Prior to HermesIQ, he was an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, science and technology. Akansh has also worked at a marketing company and prestigious research institutions, such as the Max Planck Institute. He is knowledgeable in small business creation, marketing, and several focused science areas such as metabolomics and systems neuroscience. Akansh was recently awarded “MIT Class of 2013 Leader” by MIT ex-president Dr. Susan Hockfield. He holds a bachelor’s degree from MIT and is a fan of triathlons, hiking (recently summited Mt. Kilimanjaro), traveling, education (he also founded a ed-tech nonprofit) and cooking/eating. Currently, Akansh is interested in solving the problem of data management in healthcare. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Arindam Mukherjee, Flixstreet

Arindam is the co-founder of Flixstreet, a social discovery and recommendation engine for Indian movies.  While Flixstreet keeps him busy in the evenings and over the weekends, during the weekdays he indulges in helping travelers have the perfect trip at Tripadvisor where he is the Product Manager. In his past career, Arindam has worked at Fortune 500 companies like P&G and Avery Dennison, and also run his own start-up Greenhat Ventures, in the online education services space. He is a hands-on product guy and is knowledgeable about business operations and marketing. Arindam holds a bachelors and Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School Class of 2011. A sports enthusiast and former athlete, he is a fan of Roger Federer and Usain Bolt. Arindam is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Benjamin Perrone,

Benjamin Perrone is an experienced scientist and biomedical engineer, with seven years of lab work and multiple publications. He has two years of experience in building companies around novel biomedical technologies. Benjamin Perrone holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University. He also holds BA in physics from University of Chicago. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Brandon Doan, Hemova Medical

Brandon Doan is the founder and CEO of Hemova Medical. He is a medical devices entrepreneur. He was Mass Challenge 2013 finalist. He was also a finalist in the Young Entrepreneurs Initiative France 2013. He got first place in the ASME innovation showcase in 2011. He holds bachelors and masters degrees from The Johns Hopkins University. He loves to backpack and have been to many national parks within the US. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Brian Rossa, NDensity

Brian is a founding partner of NDensity, a computer vision consultancy whose HPC SaaS product is helping image analytics companies automate their most labor-intensive workflows. Years of performing as an independent contractor on bleeding-edge defense research programs prepared him for NDensity by honing his focus on technical innovation. He holds a Masters degree in computational neuroscience (vision speciality) from Boston University, and was awarded a patent in QoS optimization for tactical edge networks. In 2008, he and a partner established a new route “The Persuasion of the Fairer Sex,” (Grade IV 5.10, ~4100m, 8 pitches, all free) on a remote peak in the Lahaul-Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, north India. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Eben Pingree, Bantr

Eben Pingree is the CEO and Co-founder of Bantr, a group messaging platform that better replicates the experience of hanging out in person and keeps day-to-day chatter flowing.  Eben graduated from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in June 2013 as a Tuck scholar with distinction.  Prior to business school, Eben spent 7 years in the institutional investment field, working with several multi-billion dollar endowments helping them invest their assets.  During these years, he also earned his Chartered Financial Analyst designation.  Eben is dedicated to creating a better communication solution for groups of close friends, a mission that also drove him at his previous startup, Glorydays GameCo.  Eben is an avid Boston sports fan, a Bruce Springsteen fanatic, and above all else a family man.  He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Erin Anderson,

Erin is a Ph.D Candidate in Bioengineering at Harvard University and works at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. Her research focuses on endothelial progenitor cell recruitment to ischemic tissue to support neovascularization, and also manages a collaborative project working towards scaling up drug-delivery polymer materials from mouse to rabbit models. Erin has a strong interest in translating academic research into real biomedical products. Outside of school, Erin likes to play soccer and volleyball, and go hiking and snowboarding. She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

George Whitfield, My Exit Strategy

George Whitfield is co-founder and CTO of My Exit Strategy, a website that allows you to easily collect all of your end of life plans and share them with your loved ones. He believes deeply that the process of facing our future head-on with careful planning is both liberating and empowering. George is an experienced software architect, leader, and entrepreneur, having formerly co-founded several companies in the areas of mobile app development, software consulting, and solar energy. His solar company, SunPoint Technologies, Inc., was awarded first place in Renewables category of the MIT Clean Energy Prize in 2009, after winning a Materials Science design competition (MADMEC) in 2008. George holds B.S., M.Eng., and Ph.D. degrees from MIT in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Materials Science and Engineering. He is a 2014 fellow in the Startup Leadership Program.

Greg Rublev, LeanWagon Inc.

Greg is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience designing, building and launching web products and SEO campaigns. Prior to developing LeanWagon, Greg co-founded two other companies and managed product lines for four VC-backed startups (NetProspex, OneSource, GreatNonprofits and He holds a bachelors in engineering from SUNY Buffalo and an MBA degree from Northeastern High Tech MBA program. Greg was admitted to HealthBox healthcare accelerator (funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of mass) and won first place at Ultra Light Startups Boston in November 2012. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Haruo Mizutani, Qbrane

Haruo Mizutani is the founder of Qbrane, a company for medical imaging services with high performance cloud computing system. He is also working as a postdoctoral fellow at Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology in Harvard University. Prior to coming to the United States, he worked at the University of Tokyo, Japan, where he was a project assistant professor for 5 years. Haruo is an expert in neuroscience, bioinformatics and pharmaceutical sciences. Haruo was awarded the Winner (Highest Award) in the Entrepreneurship Competition in the University of Tokyo in 2011 and Best Technology Award in Jannovation Spring 2012 in Silicon Valley. He holds a doctoral degree in neuroscience from the University of Tokyo and a master degree in pharmaceutical sciences from Tohoku University. He is a fan of Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in Nippon Professional Baseball in Japan. Haruo is passionate about solving the problem of massive information processing of biological and medical 3D digital images. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Ian Cain,

Ian is Co-founder of, the always up-to-date address book and contact management tool. Ian is also Director of Business Development at Luminoso Technologies. Over the years, he has worked in commercial real estate with Tishman Speyer, developed and managed power projects around the world with BTU Ventures, and advanced impact investing with SJF Ventures. Ian graduated from Boston College with a BA in political science and from Duke University with an MBA. Outside of his love for Bill Murray movies, Ian enjoys playing the piano and tennis, and is gearing up for the 2014 Boston Marathon. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Jan Glassman, Daily General Counsel

Jan Glassman is the tireless founder and owner of Daily General Counsel, a company that is providing affordable, on-site, single-day, General Counsel Services for small companies and startups who cannot afford or otherwise decline to seek the advice of lawyers for their legal-related business problems.  Jan is deeply committed to helping the small businesses that give life to our aspirations, shape our communities, and create the jobs that fuel our economy.  Her company was founded on the premise that smart and experienced former in-house lawyers, who are interested in giving back to their communities after their successful corporate careers, can affordably reduce or eliminate most of the legal problems of small businesses, as they did previously for larger ones. Jan is licensed to practice in the state and federal courts of Massachusetts, Florida and Ohio.  For 15 years, she was General Counsel to a national management consulting firm, also serving as Senior Vice President and Director for most of that time.  A guacamole aficionado, discount fashion guru, and rabid fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, and OSU Buckeyes, Jan began her career with Judicial Clerkships in Ohio and Boston and later worked as a litigation associate in a prestigious Boston law firm.  She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Jordi Mata-Fink,

Jordi Mata-Fink is an associate at Flagship VentureLabs, the institutional entrepreneurship division of Flagship Ventures, a leading VC firm in Cambridge, MA. At VentureLabs, he is part of team that explores and invents new technologies in the life sciences, develops these ideas into commercial form, and builds start-up companies around them.  Before joining Flagship, Jordi completed his doctorate in chemical engineering at MIT, in which he developed protein engineering tools to design vaccines. He was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and a Fellow of the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard. Jordi was also a managing editor of the MIT Entrepreneurship Review, an online publication that examines the intersection of science, technology, and entrepreneurship. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Kate (Deming) Morgan, Boston Human Capital Partners

Kate Morgan is the Founder and CEO of Boston Human Capital Partners.  She is a highly revered business strategist and thought leader within the recruitment space, with over fifteen years of influence in the realm of talent acquisition strategy and execution. Her extensive background in Sales and Recruiting inspired her to revolutionize the recruitment industry by providing the embedded partner approach to solving complex team-building challenges, which is BostonHCP’s hallmark. Kate’s expertise and fluidity within business and technology has made her both a trusted advisor and invaluable ally to the executive teams within her startup and high-growth industry clientele. She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Shahriar Khushrushahi,

Shahriar Khushrushahi received his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2010, conducting research in the Laboratory of Electromagnetics and Electronics Systems (LEES). He also obtained his M.S. from MIT (2006) and his B.S. from Georgia Institute of Technology (2003), both in electrical engineering. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at MIT. His research interests include electromagnetics, ferrohydrodynamics, and magnetic nanofluid applications. His recent work has developed a novel magnetic separation system for cleaning up oil spills using magnetic nanofluids and permanent magnets. He recently received the Young Scientist Award at the 13 International Conference on Magnetic Fluids, and his oil spill recovery work has been showcased on CNN and the Discovery Channel. Shahriar is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Suelin Chen, My Exit Strategy

Suelin Chen is the CEO and co-founder of My Exit Strategy, an online profile creation tool that makes it easy to record and share all of your end-of-life wishes so that you can leave this life exactly the way you want to leave it, and live this life exactly the way you want to live it. Suelin is also a healthcare strategy consultant at IMS Consulting Group, where she focuses on partnerships and transaction advisory services for small and emerging life science companies. Prior to this, she was the Director of the Laboratory at Harvard, an organization supporting idea translation at Harvard University. She has been a member of the List Visual Arts Center advisory committee since 2008 and enjoys and consumes all forms of art and self expression, in museums, in galleries, and especially in weird corners of the internet. Suelin holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and a BS in Biology from MIT. Suelin is passionate about shifting the way we think about death: if we accept that it is important to plan for the exit of our companies, we should be at least as strategic about our own lives. Suelin is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

Tarek Elmadany,

Tarek Elmadany is the co-founder of, a tech start-up for trading cars in the Middle East and North Africa region. He also worked as a product manager at Teradyne, which is the world leader in semi-conductor test equipment. Tarek also worked for Oracle and Protocol as a Software Engineer. He holds a degree in Software Engineering from McGill University, and an MBA from Babson. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship, and he currently sits on the board of a non-profit organization named EgyptNEGMA, which strives to connect the diaspora with social entrepreneurs in Egypt to advance all of the 8 millennium goals. He is a 2014 Fellow in Startup Leadership Program in Boston, USA.

Lotika Pai, Q-it

Lotika Pai is the founder and CEO of Q-it, a technology solution which enables parents to guide video consumption of young children by effortlessly bridging the gap between entertainment and education. Q-it helps parents and caregivers not only make better decisions about what media to show their children, but also provides them with an easy vocabulary to meaningfully engage with their child on content viewed. Prior to founding Q-it, Lotika has been an Investment Banker, a Management Consultant, an Engineer and a Programmer. She has a three year old son and is passionate about providing parents with the controls to shape their children’s education and entertainment in this prolific digital age. Lotika has a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Chicago Booth. She also serves on the City of Chicago’s Technology Diversity Council appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Chicago.



Jay Meattle, Founder, Shareaholic


Jay is the founder of Shareaholic, Inc. (, a company fanatical about making sharing on the web better, faster, and easier. Over 1 million people have used the award winning tools created by Shareaholic. Previously, Jay was Vice President of Products at Lookery, an online user-targeting network that offered lightweight, economical targeting data for over 200 million users. Before Lookery, Jay was the Product Manager and founding member of the small team that was responsible for creating and launching, now part of the WPP Group [Nasdaq:WPP]. In addition, as co-founder of PopSignal, one of Boston’s largest professional networking organizations, Jay is actively contributing to the growth of Boston’s technology startup community. He was selected as a 2010 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Jay earned a B.S. cum laude in Computer Science from Tufts University. He also minored in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Multimedia Arts. At Tufts he was awarded the MacJannet scholarship. He loves creating, lives for technology and innovation, and likes making things happen.


Chase Garbarino, Founder, Streetwise Media


Chase is a Co-founder and CEO of Pinyadda, a web startup based in downtown Boston that provides users with personalized and social news and content aggregation. Pinyadda was chosen at the DEMOfall 2009 conference as one of seven companies with the best pitch and most likely to succeed in market. Prior to founding Pinyadda, Chase was a Co-founder and President of The Campus Word, a national collegiate media outlet that hosted hundreds of articles a week from a staff of over 100 college journalists from 65 of the countries top academic institutions. Chase is an avid Boston sports fan and supporter of the Massachusetts tech startup scene. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Hamilton College.


Adam Rein, Founder, Altaeros Energies


Adam is a co-founder of Altaeros Energies, a leading developer of airborne wind turbines that capture strong higher-altitude winds to deliver cheap, renewable energy. He received his MBA and MPA degrees from MIT Sloan & the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Prior to graduate school, Adam worked as a Senior Associate Consultant for Bain & Company in Boston for three years. Adam has experience with global entrepreneurship, consulting for biofuels entrepreneurs in southern Africa and leading corporate sales for a U.S. home energy efficiency startup. He is passionate about clean energy and education, and in his spare time, is helping to launch social enterprise to help low-income schools install solar PV to help reduce carbon emissions while developing the next generation of clean energy entrepreneurs. Adam holds a B.A. from Yale University in Ethics, Politics & Economics.


Pedro Santos, Founder, Oscomp Systems


Pedro Santos is the Founder, CEO and CTO of Oscomp Systems, a company that has won several awards including the MassChallenge $50K and the Rice Business Challenge Competition. Prior to this he graduated with an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from MIT Sloan School of Management. While he was still completing his Bachelors in in International Business Administration & Marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology, Pedro founded Atemesa, a table tennis retailer and distributor of Stiga table tennis brands, which took 45% market share of the professional players.After graduation he joined Minecon, where he rose to the position of Operations Director. He managed 40% of the company’s operations and a staff of 32 employees. He then went on to pursue his MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Manageement, and started Oscomp while he was still at business school with technology from MIT.


Punit Shah, Founder, Zazu


Punit Shah is an avid entrepreneur and has a keen interest in technology, finance, and operations within the startup space. Punit has been involved in the Entrepreneurship space for the last 4 years, launching companies such as Boston BookWorks, a drop shipping textbook business, Co-op Ratings, a social internship ratings community and Zazu, a mobile application that helps users wake up informatively. Previous experience in Finance includes working for venture debt firm Hercules Technology Growth Capital, a Venture Capital Consultant for a major international consulate and a stint at Merrill Lynch. With a focus on management and operations, Punit takes his leadership experience to define and achieve the goals set forth for any endeavor. Punit is a graduate of Northeastern University College of Business Administration with a Bachelors of Science in Finance and Entrepreneurship. While at Northeastern, Punit played an integral role in the restructure of the entrepreneurship community as President of the Entrepreneurs Club, spearheading new initiatives like the Husky Innovation Challenge where he mentored the creation of eight student ventures to promote growth of innovation and collaboration. Punit was also an active leader on campus as a Leadership Consultant through Lead 360 and the Treasurer of the South Asian Student Association, notably fundraising over $25,000 for the organization’s cultural programming in 2008.


Edward Alfano, Founder, LuminaPrep


Ed is a founder of LuminaPrep and a current MBA from MIT Sloan. He was formerly an Associate at Extera Partners where he advises international life science clients on business development, corporate strategy, and mergers and acquisitions. Previously he worked at Monitor Group, focusing on life science and energy clients. Ed split his time between Monitor’s consulting practice and Monitor Ventures where he provided strategic advice to portfolio companies and performed due diligence on deals. During his academic career, Ed worked for two years on innovative gene sequencing technology at the Columbia Genome Center and for a year researching health care patents at Columbia Law. Ed enjoys an active lifestyle of sailing, running, skiing, and dancing. While at Columbia, he founded CU Swing, an organization of dancers and jazz enthusiasts, and instructed, choreographed, and performed.


Michael Sheeley, Founder, Runkeeper


Michael Sheeley is cofounder of Fitnesskeeper (Runkeeper ap). Prior to this, he was Project Manager and Software Engineer at BAE Systems where he manages software development projects in the area of planning and strategy development. He is also member of the founding team of RunKeeper, one of the most downloaded applications in the Fitness category on the iPhone. Michael has an Engineering degree for the University of Connecticut School of Engineering, a masters degree in Computer Science from Tufts University School of Engineering, and an MBA at Bentley College. Prior to BAE Systems, Michael founded Mobile-Link Solutions, a software company focusing on mobile enterprise software. Michael started his career founding Estorrs, a social website for the UConn Storrs campus. He has also held positions at United Electronic Industries and Polaroid. He was selected as a 2008 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Michael is a former NCAA athlete who now lives with his wife in Burlington, MA.


Charles Treacy, Founder, First Help Financial & TrickleUp Effect


Parker is the co-Founder and COO of First Help Financial, a financial services company focused on auto lending to the new immigrant population of the US. Incorporated in 2006, First Help Financial has developed proprietary underwriting and servicing models that are able to provide safe and reliable financing to new immigrant borrowers with little to no reportable credit or income. The company is establishing a traditional financing platform for immigrants, while giving them the ability to purchase a vehicle at a choice dealership and establish a credit history. Parker graduated from Duke University in 2006 with degrees in Mathematics and Economics. He is a member of the Neighborhood Association of Back Bay and The Union Boat Club.


Sidi Gomes, Founder, ParallelCities


Even as a kid in the Cape Verde Islands, Sidi was a budding entrepreneur, launching small enterprises with neighborhood children that went well beyond the simple lemonade stand. When Sidi came to the United States at age 17, his entrepreneurial skills combined with a passion for art and design. He finished high school in the States, and was then awarded a full scholarship to the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. After receiving Bachelor of Arts degrees in both architecture and fine arts, Sidi was awarded another full scholarship to pursue advanced studies in the field of architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. He recently completed his M. Arch I degree, Master of Architecture, showed an original animation at the Guggenheim Museum in NY, and has worked for renowned design firms in the United States, Germany, and Switzerland. In his free time, Sidi is an artist who enjoys working in a variety of different media.


David Greenwald, Founder, Relay Technology


Dave Greenwald is a co-founder of Relay Technology Management, Inc. ( ), and serves as the Director of Technology. Relay won the Tufts Business Plan competition and was chosen as a finalist in MassChallenge. He has several years of business development and intellectual property (IP) portfolio management experience with Wright Marketing in New York. While employed at the Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring he worked with international corporations and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to file 510(k) applications for diagnostic devices for dengue fever. David is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Genetics at the Tufts Sackler Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, where he was awarded an NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award to study gene therapy strategies for retinal degeneration diseases. He was selected as a 2009 Felow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston and became a Program Manager in the following year. David was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) research fellow while earning a B.S. in Cellular Biology and Molecular Genetics from the University of Maryland, College Park. Mr. Greenwald enjoys tennis, biking, golf and world traveling.


Krishna Ramachandran, Founder, Ubersense


Krishna is the founder of Ubersense, a startup that offers easy-to-use video coaching and motion analysis software for smart phones including the highly popular swingreader application. Krishna holds a PhD in computer science and has worked in various R&D roles in companies such as Citrix Online, Bell Labs and Microsoft Research. Krishna’s area of expertise include computer networking, mobile computing and SaaS architecture. Krishna holds a PhD and Masters in Computer Networking from University of California, Santa Barbara and Bachelors in Engineering from the University of Pune and Pune Institute of Computer Technology. He was a 2011 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. He has been a radio jockey for KCSB 91.9 FMs India Show.


Ariel Assaf, Founder, Lucidel


Ariel is in-charge of the Founders Institute in Boston. Prior to this, he founded, a consumer internet company that is building an intelligent agent that can act as personal shopper. Previously Ariel founded and exited a successful consumer products company that became a very well known jewelry brand. He was selected to be a 2009 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. After studying economics (thesis in Game Theory) Ariel was a strategy consultant in industries as diverse as semiconductors and Energy.


Rama Nandiwada (Chivakula), Founder, IT Shore


Rama is the President and founder of a software outsourcing firm, IT Shore LLC. Through IT Shore, she provides software outsourcing services from her team in Hyderabad, India to Boston based customers. Her previous experience includes outsourcing manager and QA manager in Siebel and EMC working with geographically dispersed teams and managing quality assurance groups; systems manager at Wipro working at different U.S. customers and their customers in professional services projects; Sr. Engineer at Satyam, working on off-shore projects and tools development. She was selected to be a 2008 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. She has done her evening MBA at Babson college and had masters in computers from RECW, India.


Vineet Sinha, Founder, Architexa


Vineet Sinha is founder of Architexa. He ihas been working with different prototypes and teams for the last seven years in helping users understand and work with large structured information spaces. He has received his PhD at the MIT CS+AI Lab while working as the lead developer of the Relo project. This work has been motivated by his previous experiences working with large codebases, such as Microsoft Office, and has been done in part through collaboration with Accenture Research Labs. Vineet is currently working on building out such tools to help developers understand code at Architexa.


Michael Mullins, Founder, Lean Startup Challenge


Michael is the founder of the Lean Startup Challenge, and former co-founder of, an ecommerce marketplace and asset portfolio tool. Modeled on electronic stock exchanges, the site transacts commodity goods and performs data analysis using regression to value asset in users’ portfolios. Michael presently works full-time as a real estate developer and asset manager focused on the development of smart-growth town centers. He was the CEO of Paradise Cable, a broadband internet startup as well as Cadservice, an offshore architectural rendering company. He also led several CAD conversion and electronic document management efforts. He was selected to be a 2010 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston and became the Progam Leader in the following year. Michael has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Miami and a master’s degree from the MIT Center for Real Estate. Michael is a Trustee of the Dublin School, a director of Caritas Communities, and previously served for four years as a director of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board’s Rental Housing Association.


Ali Munawar, Founder, Novira Therapeutics


Ali Munawar is the founder of an antiviral drug discovery company developing a first-in-class, antiviral approach that is applicable to all medically relevant viruses. The company has two compounds in preclinical development that treat HIV and HBV infections respectively. Raised $1.2MM+ in VC and attracted successful pharmaceutical executives to lead the drug discovery program. His prior background includes technology consulting as well as conducting biomedical research at Harvard and MGH. Ali discovered and validated a novel class of antiviral drug targets as a researcher that lead to the founding of Molecmo (now Novira) at the age of 23. He is the recipient of the Gates foundation grant for novel anti-HIV drug development, and holds the distinction of being the youngest Pakistani biotech entrepreneur. Ali holds a Bachelors from Ithaca College and a Masters from Harvard University.He turned down Columbia Medical School to pursue his dream of starting his biotech company.


Shobhit Chugh, & McKinsey


Shobhit currently works at McKinsey. He cofounded, a venture-backed company @ Dream.IT in Philadelphia that was named startup of the year in the program. Prior to this, he worked as a Solutions Consultant at Manhattan Associates, designing and marketing Supply Chain Solutions for multi billion dollar corporations in the food, consumer goods and retail sectors. Previously, he managed Product Development projects at Manhattan Associates for their transportation solutions. Shobhit is passionate about promoting development through collaboration, and served as a Socio – Professional Chair for Network of South Asian Professionals (NetSAP) Boston and organized the NetSAP USA Conference for 2008. He was selected for the Startup Leadership Program in 2008 and served as Program Leader in Boston in the following year. He founded the Boston Chapter of the non-profit organization Vibha, which works to provide education, health and opportunity to underprivileged children. Shobhit graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, where he launched his first startup, aimed at providing easy access to internships for students across India, and holds an MBA from Kellogg. He was a 2008 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Bosotn and Program Leader in the following year.


Craig Daniel, Founder, VisibleGains


Craig Daniel is an experienced early-stage leader who is cofounder and VP of Customer Development at Visible Gains. VisibleGains is a 15 month-old startup with the goal of enabling every marketer with a video camera and a computer to make professional business videos. Craig is passionate about bringing software products to market using a lean customer focused approach. He has worked in numerous startups throughout career originally as an engineer, and in the past several years focused on the business side of launching new products. The company won the MITX Best of show award for usability in the 2010 technology awards.


Antonio Faillace, Founder, AuthorsGlobe


Antonio Faillace is an accomplished venture start-up executive with 15+ years of domestic and international strategic marketing, business development & operational expertise in high growth technology entrepreneurial companies & two Fortune 500 multinationals, Hewlett Packard Company (HP) & Exxon-Mobil Corporation, including a MBA in Georgetown University & further entrepreneurial studies at MIT Sloan. He is currently Founder & CEO of YouKnow a powerful web platform that enables Authors/Experts/Speaker to transmit and leverage their knowledge using web video, live webcast and advanced management tools generating substantial additional income for the author by opening a virtual global market and additionally providing an effective way for audience to access experts knowledge 24/7.
Mike has significant technical experience and a passion for clean tech and innovation. Mike holds a BS in Physics from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.. After completing his bachelors, he attended the University of California at San Diego to perform research at the Jacobs School of Engineering on the extraction of methane hydrates. A short time later he was accepted to the MS program in Materials Science and Engineering at Boston University. While there, he worked in the High Temperature Materials Processing Lab and Boston University and helped develop a novel coating for solid oxide fuel cell interconnects. Mike also helped lead the Boston University Energy Club break ground within the Boston community. Mike’s passion for entrepreneurship and innovation has driven his desire to start hydroGEN Technologies and commercialize a waste to hydrogen technology. This innovative process has the potential to revolutionize the high purity hydrogen market by at low cost and without price volatile fuels.


Camille Delebecque, Founder, Omeecs


Camille is a Ph.D. student doing research in Synthetic Biology and the metabolic engineering of microorganisms for biofuel production at Harvard Medical School.Camille is currently a director of external outreach for the Harvard Biotech Club. He has had a long-standing interest in translational research and the management of innovation. Camille is passionate about clean energy, education and how to bridge the gap in between academia and the industry. Prior to graduate school he worked at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris to foster Biotech in the developing world. Camille holds a M.S from the ParisTech Institute, majoring in bio-engineering and a M.S. with honors from Paris Descartes University majoring in molecular biology.


Ajay Kulkarni, Founder, Sensobi


Ajay has 8+ years of experience bringing new products to market and currently works as Director of GroupMe. He was the Co-Founder and CEO of Sensobi, a personal relationship management service on mobile phones that was acquired by GroupMe, the breakout company of SBSW 2011. The Sensobi BlackBerry app was downloaded 100,000 times in 110+ countries worldwide before it was acquired. Prior to Sensobi, Ajay worked at Microsoft as a Product Manager in Windows Mobile, and at mobile search pioneer 4INFO as Director of Customer Development. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science, both from MIT, as well as an MBA from MIT Sloan, where he founded the MIT M-Prize for Mobile Entrepreneurship.


Adam Smith, Founder, My Shopper App


Adam is Founder of, the leading iPhone application for shopping on the Internet. Prior to this he lead the business development efforts for ReachEverywhere Inc, helping the company expand into the mobile phone application business with solutions for retailers and everyday shoppers, before spinning out the technology into the new company. Previously, Adam lived in Bentonville Arkansas and managed the Wal-Mart businesses for Procter & Gamble, Newell Rubbermaid, and Eastman Kodak. His teams were awarded numerous Vendor of the Quarter/Year awards from Wal-Mart while simultaneously setting all-time sales records for the manufacturer. In order pursue his entrepreneurial nature, he left the consumer products industry for Harvard Business School. He earned first-year honors and was elected President of his 90 person section at HBS. Previously, Adam graduated from Indiana University’s business honors program, where he received the Lionel D. Edie award as top student in Business Economics. He was captain of the IU rowing team, and his senior thesis on internet retailing price dispersion was published in the The Economics of the Internet and E-commerce (2002). Adam can fly planes and has been known to jump out of them as well. He is passionate about playing and coaching ice hockey, and lives in Boston with his wife and infant daughter.


Sidd Goyal, Founder, Assured Labor and CTO, TinyURL


Sidd is Co-Founder and CTO of Assured Labor Inc., an online marketplace that leverages the power of SMS and the Internet to connect employers and workers in emerging markets. Sidd has extensive background in mobile and wireless technologies having worked with the co-inventor of the SyncML specification on an early implementation of the protocol as a college intern, co-founded a startup in the enterprise mobile space out of MIT, and most recently before Assured Labor served as a lead architect on Palm’s synchronization team. Sidd holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science from MIT. He’s an avid traveler, sports enthusiast, and volunteers his time to various organizations around the Boston area.


Soren Harrison, Founder, SolSolution & Arriba Solar


Dr. Soren Harrison is a scientist and entrepreneur with a strong background in engineering and physics, and a passion for energy and the environment. Soren completed his doctoral research at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center in October 2008, where he is now continuing related R&D. He founded Fusion Research Technologies, LLC in 2006 to perform R&D in the field of nuclear fusion research and transfer technology from the this field to mainstream commercial industries. In 2007, Soren founded SolSolution, an innovative nonprofit in the solar and education spaces. In 2008, Soren co-founded ARRIBA Solar, a metrology and process control company, to commercalize the technology developed for use during his Ph.D. in the solar PV manufacturing industry. Soren is an active member of the MIT entrepreneurial and energy community, He served on the 2009 MIT Clean Energy Prize Organizing Team as the Mentorship Co-Chair, and acts as Advisor to the 2010 MIT Clean Energy Prize Organizing Team. He was a Fellow (2008-09), Program Manager (2009-10), and member of the Fellow Selection Committee (2010-11) in the Startup Leadersip Program. His personal interests include surfing, scuba diving, playing music (guitar, drums, bass, vocals), martial arts, entrepreneurship, energy, environment, and education.


Aaron Ganick, Founder & CEO, ByteLight


Aaron Ganick is the CEO of ByteLight, a Boston University spin off company seeking to commercialize visible light communication (VLC) technology. Aaron brings with him multiple years of field experience in electrical and mechanical system design, and a master’s degree specializing in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. Since receiving his BS in Electrical Engineering at Boston University in 2010, he has worked to develop business strategies to leverage and commercialize the limitless benefits of solid state lighting. Since incorporation ByteLight has obtained angel investment, acceptance into Highland Capital’s summer program, and is a current semi finalist in the 2011 Clean Tech Open. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Blaise Freeman, Founder & CEO, Zeeen


Blaise Freeman is Founder & CEO of Zeeen, and is an experienced web developer specializing in open-source content management systems for small and medium-size businesses. Recently he left a job at Harvard Magazine to found a web startup in the digital publishing space. Blaise has a strong history of leadership in the non-profit community as a consultant, board member, and community activist. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Christopher Tsai, Founder, Careinnovators & Eventfizz


Christopher is a physician entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of two startups: EventFizz, an event media platform, and Careinnovators, a company focused on supporting the health care entrepreneurial community. In addition, Chris consults on product strategy and development for health IT startups in the Boston area. Previously he served as Director of Clinical Informatics at a genetic testing benefits management startup and a patient-registry company. Chris completed a joint Harvard-MIT biomedical informatics fellowship at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. He served as Chief Resident at U.C. San Diego’s preventive medicine residency program where he designed a patented mobile health application. Chris also trained in emergency medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He holds an MD and MPH from Columbia University and a BA in anthropology from U.C. Berkeley. Chris is a Fellow of the 2012 Startup Leadership Program.


Elena Chekhova, Founder & CEO, Biotine Consulting


Elena is the founder of Biotine Consulting, a life science consultancy providing business development and project management services to life science companies in the US and internationally. Prior to founding Biotine, Elena served as Vice President of Business development at Chiral Quest, a manufacturing and technology start-up with offices in NJ and China. Previously Elena held positions in business development and project management at Pro-Pharmaceuticals, deCODE and Regis technologies. Earlier in her career, she worked for McKinsey and Bertelsmann AG in Germany. Elena completed her Ph.D in Chemical Engineer at MIT and University of Dortmund in Germany. She is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Johannes Fruehauf, Founder & CEO, ViThera


Johannes Fruehauf is started ViThera, which is developing novel therapeutics on the basis of engineered probiotics, and indications include Inflammatory Bowel Disease and HIV. ViThera operates with a dual business model where a service arm provides CRO services and funds the internal innovative drug development program. Johannes is the inventor on 13 patents and one of his drugs is currently in Phase I/II clinical trials. Prior to ViThera, Johannes was a Cofounder of Cequent Pharmaceuticals and VP of R&D at Aura Biosciences. He did his postdoc with Dr. Chiang Li at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and invented the bacterial RNAi technology transkingdom RNA interference, the only RNAi therapeutic targeting the gastrointestinal tract. Dr. Fruehauf is the author of over 20 peer reviewed publications and named inventor on 12 patents related to RNA interference and bacterial therapeutics. Dr. Fruehauf is also the inventor and “key driver” of the BioCloud concept of shared, fully equipped startup lab space. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


John Moore, Founder & CEO, PrescribableApps


John is CEO and founder of PrescribableApps, a software platform to help in the provision of care for chronic disease. After spending a little over two years conducting genetics research at Massachusetts General Hospital and Novartis, he realized he no longer wanted to work at the lab bench and moved on to pursue his interests in entrepreneurship. He worked at Partners Healthcare Research Ventures and Licensing, learning about licensing and IP law, as well as how to read patents. From there, he joined the Mass Medical Angels (MA2) screening and executive committees, helping decide what companies should be brought before the broader membership for investment consideration. While still fulfilling these MA2 duties, John is also a member of the Collaborative Care Technology Working Group and New England Healthcare Executives Network. His latest initiative is to bring an alumni assisted, student led entrepreneurship program to Vassar College, his alma mater.John Moore graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Neuroscience in 2007. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Jonathan Brown, Founder & CEO, Axena Technologies


Jonathan Brown graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Bachelors of Science, double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Jonathan is also a recent graduate from Brown University with a Masters of Science in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Jonathan has also garnered industry experience working as a design engineer for two years with Sensata Technologies in Attleboro, MA. Jonathan is a founder and currently CEO for Axena Technologies, an antibacterial coating company. Jonathan has successfully licensed university technology, established company Asian operations and raised both equity and grant financing. Axena continues to grow under Jonathan’s leadership. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Joseph Walish , Founder & President, DyNuPol


Joseph Walish has graduated from MIT with a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering in 2008. His expertise lies in structure-processing-properties relationships especially in polymeric systems. As a budding entrepreneur and co-founder and president of DyNuPol, he will be handling the day-to-day operations of the business. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Justin Shaka, Founder & COO, REBIScan


Justin Shaka is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of REBIScan, a device firm developing technology to help eradicate vision loss in children. Prior to forming REBIScan, he served as a Financial Analyst to the Ophthalmology Foundation at Children’s Hospital Boston. While at Children’s, Justin was appointed to a 3-year post on the Editorial Administration of JAAPOS, the official publication of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. Justin received his MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, where he was a Swartz Fellow of Entrepreneurship. At Tepper he was elected President of the University’s Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, and named the school’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011. Justin is also a Board Member of IACT, a Pittsburgh, PA initiative to revolutionize technology in healthcare. He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of New Hampshire, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Jared Chung, Founder & CEO, Starfish


Jared is a problem solver, creative thinker, finance junkie, and entrepreneur. Jared is the Founder of Starfish, a technology startup which builds browser extensions that enhance privacy for people who like to explore the web. He was the winner of the 2011 Lean Startup Challenge. Jared was previously a consultant with McKinsey & Company for 6 years, where he managed teams and advised executives at Fortune 500 companies around the world and across a wide range of industries. Jared is a big supporter of organizations bridging the gap between the technology sector and the social sector. He is an advisor to Executive Directors at The Opportunity Network, I Have A Dream Foundation, and GivKwik, among other non-profits and startups. In addition, as a part of the leadership team of TEDxCambridge, Jared works to highlight the inspirational people working and living in the New England area. Jared lives in Boston with his wife Jennifer, who is a graduate student at Harvard. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Kunal Rai, Stealth Mode Startup, Cancer Diagnostics


Kunal is a post-doctoral research fellow at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Kunal obtained his PhD from University of Utah and B. Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Kunal’s current research focuses on functional cancer genomics of melanoma, most aggressive type of skin cancer, with a goal to devise new diagnostic methods and drug targets. Over the years Kunal has addressed and provided answers to some of the fundamental questions in the field of ‘epigenetics’ with particular focus on organismic development and cancer progression. Kunal has published several high-impact frequently cited papers in the leading journals in biomedical sciences. Kunal is passionate about discovering novel cancer prevention, diagnostic and therapeutic tools. He is currently working on a venture in the personalized cancer diagnostic space focusing on cancers prevalent in the developing world. Kunal is a Fellow of the 2012 Startup Leadership Program.


Kyle Fougere, Founder & CEO, Watermyblog


Kyle Fougere began his journey of business development and entrepreneurship in an unusual way, while working in Zambia, Africa, where he built a successful business development project for UNICEF. Shortly after, Kyle founded and became President of P2E, LLC, an information technology firm that specializes in document management and scanning services for the medical and legal industries. In 2010, Kyle joined the start-up venture capital firm, Tollman Capital Partners, as a Business Development Associate. Tollman Capital Partners is a Massachusetts based venture capital firm whose primary goal is investing in early-phase start-up companies in search of capitalization in the $25K to $100K range. Kyle has since begun to veer back into entrepreneurship with his latest venture, WaterMyBlog. WaterMyBlog is a content driven SEO company and has grown rapidly over the past 6 months. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Matthew Pearlson, Founder, Made in the Commonwealth


Matthew is a chemical engineer with a recently realized, deep rooted passion for improving the places he lives. He grew up in South Florida and was a skateboarding beach bum who didn’t try very hard in school until her moved to New England when he was 16. Since then, he has taught off-hand glassblowing, started a fraternity, an electric car company, a successfully online bow tie business, a most recently a renewable jet fuels company named Made in the Commonwealth. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Mike Miller, Founder, Socialete


Mike Miller founded Socialete, Inc. in May 2011 while working at Dean Foods, which was a 2011 MassChallenge semi-finalist and runner-up at the 2011 Lean Startup Challenge in Boston. He grew up in Vermont and began his professional career in the Hollingsworth & Vose Rotational Leadership Development Program, and worked at factories in Massachusetts, Georgia, Virginia and China on different processes and work environments, which developed his ability to improve new processes quickly and effectively. He is also a certified Lean Agent, Kaizen Facilitator, and Six Sigma Black Belt. He uses these skills in his current occupation as a Continuous Improvement Manager at Dean Foods (DF) for the largest and the most complex facilities in the company, and has resulted in millions in savings. Mike holds a degree in engineering from WPI. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Nitin Tyagi, Founder & CEO, AppBrew


Nitin is the founder/CEO of App Brew, an android app development startup. App Brew is currently working on its first product MyNews India- an android app aimed at the nascent Indian markets. Nitin’s technical experience has been as a clean tech expert and he has a deep interest in technology entrepreneurship. Currently he works as a research engineer for a MIT spin off- Sun Catalytix Corporation, which aims to commercialize low cost personalized solar energy storage. Prior to joining Sun Catalytix he worked on two other startups. He acted as the CEO of Precision NanoCatalyst which was based on a novel fuel cell catalyst technology developed at the Univeristy of Rochester. He successfully led the team to raise a seed funding of $60k for technology validation. Prior to Precision NanoCatalyst he acted as the CTO of I-Squared Materials, a Li-ion battery technology developed at Cornell University and the team went on to win a prize in the Mark Ain Business Plan Competition. He holds a MS from the University of Rochester and a B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology.


Olivier Ceberio, Founder & COO, Resolute Marine Energy


Olivier Ceberio is Chief of Operations at Resolute Marine Energy, a Boston based startup in marine renewable energy, where he oversees all operational functions including P&L; design of organizational structure; and business processes by building culture of profitability and accelerated market introduction. Previously, Olivier worked for McKinsey & Company and the World Bank on projects that focused on leadership development and rural healthcare and education. Olivier was also a “rocket scientist” for 8 years at Starsem S.A. where he directed the satellite launch team and managed the development, production and inaugural launch of a revolutionary new rocket system. Olivier created and implemented business plans, which has had a superb record of success in national competitions (MIT$100K 2008, ICE 2009, MassChallenge 2010 and 2011, CTO 2011) and won the Global Entrepreneurship Week’s Startup Open in 2010. Olivier is a dual MBA/MPA graduate of MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Kennedy School of Government and obtained his Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Ecole Nationale Supérieure Aéronautique et Espace in 1996. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Pallavi Singh, Founder & CEO, Beacon IP


Pallavi Singh has recently started her own global patent search firm, Beacon IP, LLC with offices in the US, London and India. She has prior experience managing search groups and inside sales teams, and developing new product offerings. Most recently, Pallavi worked at CPA Global as a Business Development manager, where she was named for being the highest BDM revenue generator in the history of the firm. Pallavi is creating an innovative approach to patent searching to change the way searching is handled in the US. By taking a more systematic, scientific approach, Beacon IP endeavors to provide more accurate search results to clients in less time. She is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Rob Mancabelli, Founder & CEO, Change21


Rob Mancabelli is a leader in the use of social media to build Twenty-First Century learning organizations. He is the founder and CEO of Change 21, and he has 15 years of experience as a CIO in the education sector, focusing global collaboration, customized content and engaging learning environments. Rob is the co-author of the book Personal Learning Networks (2011), and he is a columnist for District Administration magazine. He serves on educational advisory boards for Dell Computer and Acer Corporation. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Soren Harrison, Founder, SolSolution & Arriba Solar


Dr. Soren Harrison is a scientist and entrepreneur with a strong background in engineering and physics, and a passion for energy and the environment. Soren completed his doctoral research at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center in October 2008, where he is now continuing related R&D. He founded Fusion Research Technologies, LLC in 2006 to perform R&D in the field of nuclear fusion research and transfer technology from the this field to mainstream commercial industries. In 2007, Soren founded SolSolution, an innovative nonprofit in the solar and education spaces. In 2008, Soren co-founded ARRIBA Solar, a metrology and process control company, to commercalize the technology developed for use during his Ph.D. in the solar PV manufacturing industry. Soren is an active member of the MIT entrepreneurial and energy community, He served on the 2009 MIT Clean Energy Prize Organizing Team as the Mentorship Co-Chair, and acts as Advisor to the 2010 MIT Clean Energy Prize Organizing Team. He was a Fellow (2008-09), Program Manager (2009-10), and member of the Fellow Selection Committee (2010-11) in the Startup Leadersip Program. His personal interests include surfing, scuba diving, playing music (guitar, drums, bass, vocals), martial arts, entrepreneurship, energy, environment, and education.


Venture Capitalists


Vikas Goyal, SROne


Vikas Goyal is currently a manager in Corporate & Product Development at Infinity Pharmaceuticals, immediately after leaving Wharton. During business school he worked at SROne, the corporate venture arm of GlaxoSmithkline as was President of the Wharton Healthcare Club. Prior to leaving for business school, he was a founding member of Extera Partners (formerly PureTech Development), where he has led and supported the business development, M&A, and corporate strategy efforts of over 40 private and public life science companies. Previously, he was a consultant with McKinsey & Co, where he worked with top-tier pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health companies around the world. Over his career, Vikas has supported the diligence, negotiations, and post-transaction management of multiple corporate partnerships, from multi-billion dollar M&A events to initial R&D collaborations. Vikas is a graduate of Harvard University, where he studied neurobiology and an MBA from Wharton. He has over seven years’ bench research experience in electrophysiology, and has worked with top investigators at the Rockefeller University and Boston University’s Center for Memory and Brain.


Chris Yim, Founder, Pawsketeers & Associate, Siemens Venture Capital


Chris is Founder of Pawsketeers, a start up that makes everything around being a pet owner easier, currently in stealth mode. He is also an Associate at Siemens Venture Capital, where he is primarily focused on the healthcare sector. Prior to joining SVC, Chris worked as an analyst at Centerview Partners, a New York-based investment bank specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Here, he completed $5 billion in transactions. Chris also worked in Corporate Development at Genzyme, where he analyzed potential investments in the biotech sector. Chris graduated from MIT with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical-Biological Engineering, and a concentration in biology. He also conducted research in Robert Langer’s laboratory, to develop magnetic micro- and nano- particles for improved drug delivery. He was involved in the research that led to the formation of Satori Pharmaceuticals, and was one of its first employees. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Paulina Hill, Associate Polaris Ventures


Paulina Hill is an Associate at Polaris Ventures, investing in lifesciences. Prior to joining Polaris, she was a postdoctoral fellow in Bob Langer’s lab in the Chemical Engineering department at MIT where she is developing novel biomaterial scaffolds and drug delivery systems for neural applications. She first got exposed to VC as an intern at Siemens Venture Capital. Paulina is the founding president of the 1100 member MIT Postdoctoral Association, member of the MIT Intellectual Property Presidential Committee, and the fundraising committee of Women Entrepreneurs in Science & Technology (WEST). She completed her PhD in Molecular Medicine with a Tissue Engineering focus at Wake Forest University. Her graduate school work resulted in over 30 published abstracts, 7 awards, 5 peer reviewed manuscripts, 4 USPTO patents and formation of the start-up KeraNetics to commercialize the platform technology. Paulina interned at the Wake Forest University Technology Transfer Office and served as a consultant to Mimesis, a company developing decellularized tissue matrices for cell culture applications. She graduated magna cum laude from East Carolina University with a quadruple major in biochemistry, neuroscience, biology and chemistry, where she was on a full Division I athletic scholarship as captain of the women’s varsity tennis team. She is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Shin Fuse, Associate, PureTech Ventures


Shin Fuse is an Associate at PureTech Ventures. Prior to joining PureTech, he was a consultant with Clarion Healthcare, where he advised pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms on marketing, sales, business development, and medical affairs strategies, with a strong focus on the oncology market. Dr. Fuse completed his doctoral work in Microbiology and Immunology where he published over ten peer-reviewed articles and completed an internship at Morgan Stanley. Dr. Fuse received his B.E. in Applied Chemistry from Keio University in Japan, his M.S. in Medical Science from the University of Tokyo, and his Ph.D. from Dartmouth College. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Jordan Bettman, Formerly Bain Capital Ventures


Jordan Bettman is currently pursuing an MBA from Harvard Business School. He was formerly an Associate at Bain Capital Ventures. Jordan focuses on digital media and data software companies. His responsibilities at Bain Capital Ventures include leading diligence efforts on new opportunities and working with portfolio companies on executive projects. Prior to joining Bain Capital Ventures, Jordan was an associate consultant at Bain & Company, focusing on a number of strategic and operational issues for clients in healthcare, retail, and media.He was selected to be a 2010 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Jordan graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations. He is from New Jersey, and is currently living in Boston, MA. Jordan is an avid skier, loves to play hockey, and enjoys traveling.


Casey Gibbons, Commonwealth Capital Ventures


Casey Gibbons is an Associate at Commonwealth Capital Ventures. His investment interests include software as a service (SaaS), Internet, and digital media. Prior to joining Commonwealth, Casey co-founded NextPlay, a SaaS provider of applications for high school athletes and college coaches engaged in the recruiting process. Casey led NextPlay’s growth from business plan to investment to a robust web offering that reached over 50,000 active users in three years. In that time, NextPlay helped hundreds of student-athletes achieve their dreams of playing college athletics while creating a new paradigm for online video interaction and distribution in the high school and college sports market. Additionally, Casey led NextPlay’s partnership discussions with several Fortune 1000 sports apparel companies. Casey graduated from Williams College in 2006 with a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology. At Williams, he was a captain of the men’s basketball team and was a student representative in the College Council.


Yumin Choi, HLM Venture Partners


Yumin Choi currently works for HLM Venture Partners, a healthcare focused Venture Capital firm. He is also working on several startups ranging from stem cell tissue reengineering to hospital incentives programs. He previously worked at Angel Healthcare Investors performing due diligence and making early stage investments in healthcare startups. He worked as an analyst at a boutique investment firm called ZweigWhite where he worked on valuations, ownership transitions, and M&A services for the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering industries. He was a co-founder and CEO of a consumer electronics consulting firm and is a Babson College graduate. Yumin graduated from Babson College and was born in Seoul, Korea, but moved to Honolulu, Hawaii at the age of ten.


Steve Meyer, Formerly Globespan Capital


Steve is currently pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School. Prior to this, he was an Associate at Globespan Capital Partners, a global technology venture capital firm with offices in Boston, Palo Alto, and Toyko. At Globespan he is responsible for deal sourcing, evaluation of potential investment opportunities, and portfolio company assistance. Prior to Globespan he was an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company in New York. Steve is also the founder of Meyer Media, an internet media company involved in developing, acquiring, and managing content-based web sites. He is a founder and board member of Duke Venture Forward, an entrepreneurship incubator and career mentoring organization for business-oriented students. He was selected as a 2010 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Steve also serves on the Social Investment Council of Echoing Green, a seed-stage social venture fund that provides funding and support to emerging social entrepreneurs. Steve graduated from Duke University with a BA in Public Policy Studies and a certificate in Markets and Management Studies.


Kevin Mullins, Summit Partners


Kevin M. Mullins works in Summit’s Boston office and is active in the firm’s investment activities in North America, Europe and Asia. Prior to Summit, Kevin worked for Leerink Swann. He received a BA in physics and economics from Bowdoin College where he played soccer and was a captain of the lacrosse team. Kevin serves on the board of the Polar Bear Athletic Fund for Bowdoin College and works as a mentor for Minds Matter


Edward Chan, former VC, Siemens Venture Capital


Edward was an SLP Founding Fellow in 2006. He is pursuing an MBA at Wharton majoring in Finance and Healthcare Management. While at Wharton, Edward interned at Medtronic Cardiovascular and SAC Capital. Prior to Wharton, Edward was part of the Healthcare team at Siemens Venture Capital (SVC) starting as an Analyst in 2006 and promoted to Associate in 2008. Based out of the Boston and Beijing offices at SVC, he evaluated and sourced healthcare deals worldwide, performed research on various market sectors, and developed portfolio companies. He was a Board Observer at MD Datacor and was actively involved with the following portfolio companies: BioImagene, RadPharm, China Diagnostics, U-Systems, and Cylex. Prior to joining SVC, Edward performed equity research at Legg Mason in Baltimore and had experience in developing molecular diagnostic technology at a venture backed start up. In the last three years he has mentored various start-ups to raise over $30 million in venture financing. He is the President of the Healthcare Club at Wharton ( and the Director of Healthcare at Wharton Ventures (


Vishy Venugopalan, Formerly Longworth Venture Partners


Vishy is currently an MBA student at Wharton. Prior to joining Wharton, he was on the investment team at Longworth Venture Partners, an early-stage VC firm in the Boston area, where he helps assists partners with all stages of the investment process, including sourcing deals, performing due diligence on potential investments and supporting Longworth portfolio companies. Prior to Longworth, Vishy was an industry analyst at The 451 Group, a enterprise IT research firm, where he provided research insights to technology companies and investors on enterprise software market segments. Vishy’s professional experience also includes stints as a software developer at Morgan Stanley and Hewlett Packard. He was selected as a 2009 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Vishy graduated from MIT with a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science. He also received Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from MIT.


Pushwaz Virk, Founder, MA Medical Angels


Pushwaz Virk is the Co-founder and Director of Mass Medical Angels, a life sciences and healthcare focused angel group. He is the Vice President of Medical Affairs at Dimagi, Inc, a heathcare technology company. Previously he was a consultant at Frankel Group, a life science strategy consulting firm. Prior to this he was a Management Fellow at Harvard University where he worked on strategy, finance and operations projects at Health Services and Group Health Plan. He was selected to be a 2009 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. He obtained an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, an MPH in Healthcare Management from Harvard University and an MD from India. Pushwaz lives in Cambridge, MA and his interests include mountain adventure sports and pencil sketching.




Adam Compain, Google


Adam has been with Google for two and a half years and is currently the Mobile Specialist for Google-Boston. Prior to his Mobile focus, Adam managed AdWords advertiser relationships, consulting across Search, Display, YouTube and other online channels. He first joined the company’s Small Business Services group, where he received a National Award for automating workflow for high-growth accounts and concurrently founding Google Apps for Edu’s presence in New England, selling Google’s cloud computing solutions to local universities. Prior to Google, Adam earned degrees from the University of Michigan in Organizational Studies (Innovation & Marketing Management) as well as Psychology. He received a $20,000 Scholars Award and was selected as the student speaker for UM’s Honors Convocation. Before college, Adam founded SEND– a non-profit dedicated to collecting and distributing used sporting equipment to less fortunate youths around the globe; the program is still in existence today, having expanded geographically and in scope.


Sanjeev Jain, Founder, IdeaFirst Techologies


Sanjeev is founder of Idea First Technologies: a technology company that, through its several websites, empowers consumer with information to find best shopping values. One of its popular websites generates 2 million page views a month. Sanjeev is also a candidate for MBA at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Prior to starting his own company he held management positions in software engineering for nine years.


Juliane Gauron, Industrial Designer


As an Industrial Designer, Julianne Snow Gauron has longstanding professional and personal interest in the intersection between the body and designed objects. In addition to her strong interpersonal skills, which are critical for conducting design ethnography and strategy, Julianne brings the tools for cultural analysis and subsequent problem solving through design of products, systems and services. In her professional work as a Design Researcher and Strategist, Julianne acts as a user advocate and gaining deep understanding of the user needs and challenges. She currently freelances in design for Business Innovation Factory, with Innovations in International Health at MIT, as well as pursuing her own design documentation project Making Rhode Island ( Julianne attended the Rhode Island School of Design to earn her Masters degree in Industrial Design, and was selected to be the department’s Graduate Representative. Her undergraduate degree was in Art History and Architecture from Bowdoin College. While at Bowdoin she raced for the Division 1 downhill Ski Team and surfed Rhode Island during grad school, all of which helped inform her longstanding personal interest in experience between the body and objects.


Jose Gomez-Marquez, Founder, Aerovax


Jose Gomez-Marquez is currently the Program Director for Innovations in International Health at MIT. In 2009 he was named one of MIT Technology Review’s Innovators under the age of 35. He is co-inventor and founder of Aerovax, a medical device company that is developing innovative solutions for delivering inhalable drugs and vaccine to remote populations. A major focus of his work is developing and launching commercially viable medical technology for developing countries. His other projects include the SafePilotÑa next generation cane for the blind, and most recently, the New Dots program, which aims to increase TB therapy adherence in developing countries. That system is currently being incubated by CARE Nicaragua. He has been a guest speaker at Invest2Venture discussing affordable technology and is a co-instructor at Harvard Medical School’s HMS ÒDesigning and Sustaining Technology Innovation for Global Health PracticeÓ course. As a student in the science policy and engineering departments at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute he focuses his policy research on international technology transfer studies and metrics, reverse engineering in developing countries, and indigenous technology clusters. Prior to WPI, Jose was held marketing positions at an institutional investment firm in Atlanta, GA and served as a technology consultant for an agency of the World Bank. He is a founding member of the MIT International Innovations in Health initiative, and a three time MIT IDEAS Competition winner, including two Lemelson Awards for International technology. He arrived to the United States from his native Honduras on a Rotary scholarship and currently lives in Brookline, Massachusetts.


Hooman Hodjat, Founder, PickupZone and Director, Adverplex Incubator


A proven leader in execution of strategic initiatives, Hooman is the Founder of iRelai. After completing his MBA at Babson, he combined knowledge and experience in business and technology as the director of IT for an international sporting goods retailer and manufacturer. There, he successfully implemented strategic and operational initiatives to support the profitability and expansion of the business. Hooman’s career background includes Senior Technology Management, Project Leadership, Management Consulting, Technical and Product Marketing, and Software Engineering. In addition to spending time with his wife and baby girl, Hooman enjoys playing soccer, golf and has passion for martial arts and skiing.


Christina Isacson, Ironwood Pharma


Christina is the Director of Business Development at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, a VC backed startup in 2007. Prior to this she was Manager, New Ventures at the Office of Technology Development (BU Ventures) where she invested in startups and helped develop companies incubated in the Launch Award program. Prior to joining OTD, she worked at Accelerator Corp., a biotech incubator in Seattle, WA, where she identified and evaluated early stage investment opportunities in the life sciences sector. Christina received her B.Sc. in Biology from McGill University, and her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Tufts University. Her doctoral research involved using biochemical and biophysical approaches to better understand the role of a potassium ion channel in the regulation of smooth muscle contraction. She was a member of TiE’s Leadership Program in 2006-07, and was named one of six under 30 to watch in 2007 by Mass High Tech.


Rajit Kamal, Johnson & Johnson


Rajit is currently Senior Platform Director at DePuy Mitek. has worked primarily in the consumer products, pharmaceuticals, chemical and technology industries. His engagements have focused on helping companies identify business opportunities for new technologies developed within the company. Prior to joining Innosight, Rajit spent two years at The Boston Consulting Group. At BCG, Rajit worked across multiple industries, including Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Business Process Outsourcing, Consumer Products and Technology industries His experience at BCG included developing go to market strategy, acquisition due diligence, competitive cost benchmarking, organizational redesign and procurement strategy for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to BCG, Rajit spent three years at Procter & Gamble as Team Manager in operations. At P&G, Rajit supervised 24 operators on the factory floor and was responsible for safety, quality and productivity of the paper machine (Charmin and Bounty). He also led a special project working across multiple functions (marketing, operations, procurement, finance) to increase the throughput of the paper machine. Rajit spent several summers at Deloitte consulting working on sales force effectiveness for a Health Insurance company and Transkaryotic Therapies (now Shire Pharmaceuticals) where he performed cost benefit analysis to compare outsourcing clinical/commercial supply chain activities v/s bringing it in house. Rajit received an MBA from Harvard Business School; he also earned a MS degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and BS degree from Indian Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering.


Zahra Kanji, Prajnopaya Foundation


Zahra is Program Coordinator at the Prajnopaya Foundation, which leads teams in finding cost effective solutions for communities in need of help. Previously she was a product engineer at the Perkins School for the Blind, where she is designing a smart next generation brailler, a typewriter for the blind. Through social entrepreneurship, she combines her engineering background to build feasible and evidence-based solutions for public health concerns in resource-poor communities. Prior to joining Perkins, Zahra was a medical researcher in anesthesia at Massachusetts General Hospital. She also worked with E-Ink, the electronic ink technology behind the Amazon Kindle, as a product and research engineer. She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in biomedical engineering from MIT. Zahra was a finalist at MIT’s 100K competition in 2006, and a five time winner of the IDEAS competition on innovative solutions for communities in need. She was selected as a 2010 Fellow for the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Outside of work, she enjoys an active lifestyle of cycling, martial arts and skiing with the YESKids, a program that takes inner urban children to the outdoors.


Sri Krishnamurthy, Founder, AdaptiveAlgo


Sri is the founder of an early stage startup AdaptiveAlgo Analytics. He is an experienced consultant with experience in analytics, finance, engineering and consulting. Sri is a Charted Financial Analyst and active member holding leadership positions at the Boston Security Analyst Society. He is a motivated learner with graduate degrees in Engineering and Computer science from Northeastern University, and is currently completing his MBA at Babson College.


April Effort, Boston University Technology Development


April Effort joined the Technology Development Office at Boston University in November 2007. Prior to joining BU, she worked at the University of Michigan with the Coulter Foundation’s Translational Research Program in Biomedical Engineering. There she helped develop commercialization strategies including market, regulatory and intellectual property assessments for medical devices. In addition to her work with the Coulter program, Ms. Effort has worked as an independent consultant for Arboretum Ventures and several life science start-up companies. As Associate Director of Business Development, she manages Boston University’s portfolio of Life Science inventions along with the Technology Analyst Program. Ms. Effort is a graduate of the University of Michigan where she earned a Master of Science in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology. In addition to seven years of laboratory research, Ms. Effort also served as a science reporter for the Michigan Daily.


Kwa Liou, Campbell Alliance


Kwa has worked in life sciences business development and entrepreneurship throughout his career. Kwa is currently a Business Development Consultant at Campbell Alliance, a management consulting firm within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Kwa previously held business development and entrepreneurial roles at Exponential Pharma Ventures and PureTech Ventures. He was selected as a 2010 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Kwa received a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Harvard Medical School and a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley. His personal interests include international travel, basketball, and poker.


Craig Lund, 1366 Technologies


Craig is Vice President of Business Development of 1366 Technologies. Prior to this he was the founder of FanZanimal and till recently he was in Highland Partners’ entrepreneurial program. He has worked in Iraq and Argentina, and traveled to over 25 countries. Craig was a former investment banker at UBS in New York and an Economic Advisor in the US Department of Defense. He was selected as a 2009 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Craig received a civilian services achievement award. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelors in Economics from Dartmouth.


Marc MacIntosh, RoundArch


Marc brings more than 10 years of practice in User Experience design for both web and mobile solutions to his role as User Experience Lead, Project manager and head of the mobile community of practice with Roundarch. His experience extends beyond designing and implementing user interfaces to leading the user-centered design for information architecture, user research and interaction design that adheres to the business, technical and customer needs in the development of a variety of architectural solutions. In addition to his traditional client responsibilities, Marc’s experience has allowed him to emerge as a thought-leader the mobile and wireless space. His understanding and know-how helps to inform clients of strategic, mobile opportunities that align to the organizational vision with capabilities that reflect ever-changing mobile landscape


Nitasha Manchanda, Founder, SwitchBiotics


Nitasha is a biologist turned analyst, who worked for Decision Resources, a market research and consulting firm in Waltham, MA before cofounding SwitchBiotics. She specializes in Central Nervous System disorder therapies and is building her biopharma knowledge before launching into the start-up world. Nitasha obtained her PhD in Cell Biology from Harvard Medical School, and a BA from Vassar College. She was selected as a 2010 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Besides a passion for early stage ventures, Nitasha enjoys eating and, occasionally, cooking.


Brian Mayers, Nano-Terra


Brian Mayers is VP of Technology Development at Nano-Terra Inc., which he joined as the Founding Scientist. He was selected as a 2010 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.He earned his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Washington, Seattle and worked as a Research Assistant at NASA’s AMES Center, before joining Harvard University as a postdoctoral fellow working in Professor George Whitesides’ group on a range of collaborative interdisciplinary research projects in assembly, nanotechnology, bioengineering and applied optics.


Jeff McAulay, Fraunhofer Institute


Jeff is currently working to start a new cleantech Incubator in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute. As part of this project he is screening potential clients on both technical and business merits before connecting startups with early stage investors or government grants. In this role, Jeff sits at the interface between energy technology, business development and public policy. He graduated from MIT in the Technology & Policy Program where he conducted research in the Sloan Automotive Laboratory. While at MIT Jeff was a lead organizer for several student groups including the MIT Energy Club, and the MIT Electric Vehicle Team. Jeff also sat on MIT’s Campus Energy Task force to help form MIT’s long-term campus greening strategy. Before coming to MIT, Jeff worked as an engineer at Nuvera Fuel Cells where he lead project work and supported the company in reaching several technical milestones for the integrated fuel processor group. He was selected as a 2010 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. He has a BS in biomedical engineering from Boston University where he won an award for best project presentation for undergrad research on microbial fuel cells, and received the scarlet key for excellence in student leadership.


Pavan Narra, Founder, Angiosim


Pavan Narra is co-inventor and co-founder of AngioSim, a firm that designs and manufacturers angiographic training and simulation equipment for medical students and physicians to acquire and advance skills for vascular interventions. Pavan’s interest in minimally invasive procedures led him to conduct extensive research and authored several publications in the field of vascular and interventional radiology (VIR). He is currently in his chief year of residency at Boston University Medical Center, Department of Radiology. He is planning on pursuing a fellowship in VIR. Prior to pursuing a medical career, Pavan co-founded in 1996, a website that provided online classifieds, apartment and restaurant guides to the Baylor University community. Pavan currently lives in Boston, MA and interests include traveling, foreign policy, and radiology informatics.


Tamara Nazzal, Philips


Tamara is a Field Marketing Manager at Philips Healthcare in Andover, MA. She is passionate about novel technology solutions to challenges in the healthcare industry. During business school she interned in product management at Covidien and also in business development at Semprus Biosciences, a venture-backed company in Cambridge. Prior to business school, she worked as a business development associate at CIMIT, Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology. In that role, she developed collaborations between companies and CIMIT-member hospitals and engineering schools to catalyze innovations to improve patient care. Tamara’s previous experience includes working as a research analyst in an alternative investment consulting firm, developing fund of hedge fund portfolios and indices. She was selected to be a founding Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston, and a Program Leader to the following class of 2008. Tamara holds a Bachelors degree from Umass Amherst, and an MBA from Cornell University. While she was at Cornell, she was a Fund Manager for the Big Red Ventures, which invests in seed-stage companies, and was also Vice President of the Healthcare & Biotech Club.


Jahnavi Prasad, Modular Genetics


Jahnavi is a Senior Scientist (Bioinformatics) at Modular Genetics Inc. Previously he was scientist at Biogen Idec. He was selected to be a 2008 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Jahnavi holds a Ph.D. from Boston University in Bioinformatics and a B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology in Biochemical Engineering. He is currently Publicity officer and acting secretary of Boston chapter of Association for India’s Development (AID).


Sanjay Rakhade, Children’s Hospital & Harvard Medical School


Sanjay is a Research Fellow at the Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He has trained as a physician-scientist, and has published several research articles on neurobiology, neurology, bioinformatics and life sciences in leading journals. He has received awards and honors for excellence in research, and has been invited for technical presentations at national meetings. He was selected to be a 2007 Founding Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. He is interested in the application of interdisciplinary knowledge resources towards identifying and executing innovative ideas towards improving accessibility to novel therapeutics and devices. An excellent communicator, with experience as a healthcare professional, he has effective problem-solving and organizational skills. Sanjay is passionate about application of translational technology solutions to healthcare industry.


Anoop Rao, MGH


Anoop is currently a Fellow at MGH. Prior to this, he managed the IP portfolio at AgaMatrix, a company that makes blood glucose measurement devices for diabetics. Prior to that, he worked at Global Prior Art, an IP consulting company, where is jointly led the medical/surgical device group. His work included IP landscape development to assist in client’s strategic, technical and legal decision making; primarily focusing on minimally invasive cardiothoracic, orthopedic and GI surgery. While at MIT, he was a runner up at the $50K Entrepreneurship Competition, the President of a Cultural group and a Math tutor for a SAT outreach program. He was selected to be a 2008 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. He holds an MS from School of Engineering at MIT, and clinical training and research training from KMC, Mangalore and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), India. All along, his research work in computational biology and medicine was supported by several fellowships & scholarships.


Carolina Salvador-Morales, Founder, Kaleidoscope


Carolina Salvador Morales, PhD, originally from Mexico City, is a published author and founder of Kaleidoscope, a tattoo removal medical device company. She received her BSc degree in physics (2001) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, and her MSc degree in biochemistry (2003) from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. She earned her PhD in chemistry (2007) at the University of Oxford. Since 2007, she has been conducting her postdoctoral work in the area of immunoengineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Carolina’s current research focuses on the study of the immunocompatibility properties of novel nanotherapeutics for cancer therapy, and the development of new types of vaccines based on nanoparticle platform technology. During her scientific career, Carolina has authored and coauthored several peer-reviewed papers in multidisciplinary fields including medical physics, material sciences, biochemistry, chemistry and immunology. In her doctoral studies, she pioneered innovative immunological research topics on carbon nanotubes. In her postdoctoral studies, she has made advances in the study of the biocompatibility of different nanomaterials. Her recent work concentrates on the modulation of complement system activation. Her fundamental and translational work shows remarkable potential to further various medical fields such as cancer therapy and vaccinology. In the future, Carolina aspires to use her expertise to open new avenues in the field of immunoengineering, and thus foster fruitful merging of scientific investigation with business and social development. She is a Kauffman Postdoctoral Fellow.


Upma Sharma, Arsenal Medical


Upma Sharma is a biomaterials technologist who is excited about innovative solutions at the interface of biology and materials. Currently, Upma heads up the Materials Science and Engineering department at Arsenal Medical, a medical device company focused on the treatment of cardiovascular disease, the management of pain, and the stasis of wounds. Arsenal’s founders include George Whitesides and Bob Langer, and the company is backed by Polaris Ventures and Northbridge Venture Partners. \nUpma has been significantly involved with all three of Arsenal’s product programs. She has been a member of the Core Team responsible for developing Arsenal’s lead product, a biodegradable stent, slated for first-in-human testing in 2011. The team created a degradable, polymeric device with mechanical properties equivalent to conventional metal stents Ð the first such device for the peripheral arteries. Upma’s responsibilities included selection of materials and drug formulation. Additionally, Upma’s group developed a long-acting, controlled release technology enabling manipulation of macroscale device properties without altering daily dosing. Upma was responsible for patenting this technology and is currently leading a program leveraging the intellectual property towards the management of pain. Finally, Upma led concept development for a wound stasis technology program; she managed a grant submission on this technology which resulted in a $7MM DARPA contract.Outside of work, Upma is the National Chair for AICHE’s Women’s Initiatives Committee. She was selected as a 2009 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston and is currently the Chief Operating Officer. She has won several academic and research awards including the Keck Center Poster Prize, two prizes for papers from AICHE, the Dow Chemical Award for Academic Achievement and the Eastman Chemical Scholar Award. Her education includes chemical engineering degrees from Princeton University (Ph.D.) and Purdue University (B.S.E). She completed postdoctoral work in Bioengineering at Rice University where she was awarded a Fellowship in Nanobiology.


Rishi Shukla, Founder, Fitness Forward


Rishi is Associate at Next Street Financial in Boston. He was the Founder and CEO of Fitness Forward, a national non-profit organization working to address childhood obesity, diabetes, and mental illness, that is running in several states. Prior to joining Fitness Forward, Rishi managed Boston Medical Center’s Division of Pediatric Nutrition, where he played a leading role in designing and developing a first of its kind pediatric obesity clinic. Rishi has served on more than 20 advisory boards and committees and given over 25 invited presentations from coast-to-coast. He has also co-authored more than 15 publications and posters. Rishi holds a bachelors in neuroscience from Boston University. At BU, he was a researcher at the Clinical Human Movement Sciences Laboratory, working to develop novel virtual reality technologies to improve the gait dynamics of Parkinson’s Disease patients. He also served as an EMT, taught CPR/First-Aid courses, and volunteered as a member of the Boston Marathon medical response team. He was selected as a 2008 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Rishi is an avid tennis player and photographer and enjoys advanced graphic design, working out, and spending time with friends and family.


Harpreet Singh, Founder, Academic Room


Harpreet Singh is a seasoned program management executive leading cross-functional teams in the global execution of product development, business strategy and marketing. With exceptional emphasis on structured governance, he managed the program management and marketing initiatives for sixty technology startups from Citigroup’s Venture Portfolio Office. In a later role as Director of Technology, also at Citigroup, he architected the infrastructure of global multi-tiered, web-based electronic exchanges. Harpreet subsequently served as the Director of Project Management Office for FX Alliance, a global foreign exchange platform, where he was responsible for enabling project and risk management functions for New York, London and Tokyo locations. Harpreet completed his undergraduate degree in Computer and Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, earned his Master’s degree from Harvard University and will soon receive his PhD degree, also from Harvard. Harpreet is also a graduate of Citigroup’s Management Associate Program, one of the most prestigious executive programs on Wall Street.


Parul Singh, Formerly, Visible Measures


Parul is currently pursuing an MBA from MIT Sloan. She was formerly a product manager at Visible Measures where she builds products that find insight in traffic data for video playing all over the internet. Current customers include MTV and NBC, with more to come. Previously she worked at The New York Times Digital as a product manager focused on multimedia and video\, and for six years worked as a web developer and project manager for Fast Company, Inc. Magazine and the Fund for the City of New York. \n\nShe started her career as an interface developer at Razorfish, and continues to be passionate about usable interface design, product marketing and packaging. She was selected as a 2009 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston, and later became Program Leader. She has spent time volunteering for charities in the US, UK and India focused on women, development, and technology. In her spare time, Parul enjoys fiction, running, and yoga. She completed her BA from Harvard University in Government.


Tarangini Suresh, TiE


Tarangini Suresh is formerly the Senior Program Manager in the Boston chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), a global business networking non-profit whose mission is to foster Entrepreneurship. In her capacity as Sr. Program Manager, Tarangini handled Marketing, Communication and Operational responsibilities of TiE-Boston. She is also in the steering committee of the newest proposed Special Interest Group- the Marketing Media and PR SIG.Before moving to the United States to get her Masters, Tarangini was an Associate, International Business, with Craftsbridge India Pvt. Ltd, a for-profit, cross-channel design and marketing firm, connecting the underprivileged artisans of India with the world, through the procurement of hand-crafted goods from the NGOs cooperatives representing them. Immediately before Craftsbridge, Tarangini worked as a Senior Officer- Marketing Coordination at India’s largest automotive company, Tata Motors (who have been in the news recently for their launch of the small car ‘Nano’ and for their takeover of Jaguar.) Tarangini has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Pune University and a Graduate Diploma in International Business (equivalent to an MBA) from the Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune. She also holds an MS in Advertising from Boston University’s College of Communication. Her interests include Travel, Reading, Film, Musicals and Theatre, Etymology, Romantic Languages and Cooking.


David Tischler, Formerly Venzyme


David Tischler is currently an MBA at UC Berkeley. Prior to joining Berkeley he worked as a associate at Venzyme (, where he turns early stage technologies from top-tier institutions such as Harvard University, University of Pittsburgh, and Case Western Reserve University into financiable companies. David also manage non-dilutive funding initiatives (e.g., SBIR grants) for several companies winning multiple grant awards and $1.47M to date, and Venzyme’s startups have raised financing rounds of $4.7M and $2.2M for two promising start-ups. David also serves as the Due Diligence Chair for Massachusetts Medical Angels , a life science focused angel investment group in Boston, MA, where he lead committees of experienced life science investors and entrepreneurs to investigate companies for potential investment. Over the past two years, due diligence on 21 companies has resulted in 6 investments. David has produced and financed a documentary film on entrepreneurship that is currently being distributed internationally by Morgan Spurlock (star of ÒSuper Size MeÓ). He holds a BS in Biology from the Honors College at the University of Michigan.


Bala Venkatrao, Cloudera


Bala Venkatrao is currently working as a Director, Products at Cloudera Inc, a market leading start-up in the Big Data space. Previously, he worked at CA Technologies where he was the principal author of CA’s Cloud Strategy that led to the formation of a new business unit and 3 strategic acquisitions (3Tera, Nimsoft, Obliocre). Bala also ran the CEO Innovation fund at CA, investing in new ideas related to virtualization, cloud, security and green IT. Prior to CA, Bala worked as a consultant at the Parthenon Group, where he primarily worked with venture capital/PE firms, supporting portfolio companies on their strategic and operational issues. Bala has also worked for several years as microprocessor architect at Sun Microsystems. He has 4 issued patents and six research publications to his credit. Bala holds an MBA from MIT Sloan, where he was an executive leader of the MIT Innovation Club and the South Asia Business Club. He was also a 2008 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston, where he worked on a new cloud computing start-up idea that he pitched to investors at TiECon’09. Bala holds a master’s degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) and completed his undergraduate engineering from University of Mumbai, India.


Matt Volpi, Bigbelly Solar


Matt is Director of Product Marketing for BigBelly Solar, developing solutions that combine renewable energy and data-driven operational efficiency to reduce the costs and environmental impact of waste collection while increasing recycling in public spaces. Before joining BigBelly Solar, Matt was Director of Product Management for Modiv Media, where he built a unique digital $marketing and shopping solution that touches millions of customers each year, delivering targeted promotions and messages to shoppers based on their purchase history and in-store behavior, rewarding their loyalty. Previously, he spent seven-plus years in the mobile space, helping Nokia and Sun Microsystems, as well as carrier partners including AT&T Wireless and Sprint, create a thriving ecosystem for application developers looking to bring their solutions to the masses on emerging platforms and technologies. In the late 1990s he worked at the first internet incuabtor, CMGi. Matt holds an MBA from Babson College, and a BA in Journalism from Penn State University. He was a 2011 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Alison Williams, Founder, Hibergenica


Alison is co-founder and CSO of a Hibergenica, which aims to commercialize a novel organ preservation solution for organ transplantation. Hibergenica was featured in the Boston Business Journal and MIT Technology Review, and was voted the runner up by 14 MA-based entrepreneurs and innovators in the Biggest Undiscovered Idea Competition at MA Lifesciences Innovation Day in 2010. Alison is also a Postdoc Research Fellow in Molecular and Integrated Physiological Sciences at Harvard School of Public Health. Her work focuses on figuring out the physiological processes involved in obesity and how they impact the lung. She is the President of the Harvard School of Public Health Postdoctoral Association, and currently leads an 8-member council to help enhance the professional careers of 220+ Postdocs at the School through workshops and networking events. In the past year Alison has negotiated minimum hire salaries, removal of caps for raises, a 20% discount in cafeterias and founded 4 monetary awards for Postdocs to travel to conferences. Alison holds a PhD in Respiratory Medicine from the National Heart and Lung Institute at the Imperial College and a Bachelors in Science from King’s College, both from London.


Praveen Yajman, Founder, PlayXPlay and Ampient


Praveen has over 10 years of experience in the software industry. He was worked at numerous startups helping them in the early stages. He co-founded Cambridge, MA based software startup Ampient. He heads research efforts as Director of Research. His background includes a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Computer Science from UT Arlington, TX.


Will Adams, Harvard School of Engineering & Sciences


Will Adams is a Ph.D. candidate at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He is completing his dissertation research at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His work addresses biomechanical contributions to the early onset of atherosclerosis in premature aging disorders for which he is developing a stem cell model. Will graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a B.S. degree in Engineering Sciences. He was selected to be a 2010 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. Will participated as an intern within the Cancer Bioscience division of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and later received an M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University. He is interested in developing more sophisticated assays for higher fidelity preclinical drug testing.


Seth Berman, Clearview Partners


Seth is a healthcare strategy consultant at Clearview Partners. Prior to this he was a consultant at Health Advances, LLC. He is an expert at assisting pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies with product commercialization, market assessment, portfolio prioritization, and technology valuation. Prior to his work as a consultant, Seth received his PhD in Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As part of his PhD, he created the first specific and controllable mouse model of human osteosarcoma to further the understanding of the disease and catalyze the development of new cancer therapies. Seth has also been a business development intern for PureTech Ventures, a venture firm committed to transforming breakthrough technologies into leading edge firms, and for BioScale, a Boston start-up developing nanotechnology for the identification and differentiation of chemical and biological materials. Seth graduated with a BS in Biochemistry and Economics from Rutgers University, where he was the leader of several undergraduate organizations. In his spare time he is a resident tutor for MIT undergraduates and enjoys playing several intramural sports, cooking, reading, and traveling to foreign countries.


Niranjan Bose, Gates Foundation


Niranjan is currently Program Officer for Infectious Diseases at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He was formerly at SDG, a subsidiary of IMS Health, a strategy consulting firm. Niranjan was one 100 BioVision Nxt fellows chosen internationally by BioVision and Nextwave to attend the World Life Sciences Forum in 2003. He also served as a board member for YEA, a New England based nonprofit. Niranjan has worked with various volunteer organizations in the New England area and has served as an active member of the graduate student council and International Students Association at Dartmouth College, for which he was awarded the graduate student community award by the college. He was selected to be a 2007 Founding Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. He was selected as the class day speaker for the Dartmouth Medical School graduation ceremony in 2004. He holds a PhD from Dartmouth Medical School, and MS and B Pharm degrees from BITS Pilani


Rahul Bose, Semprus Biosciences


Rahul Bose is a Business Development and Marketing Specialist at Semprus BioSciences, a venture-backed MIT spinout from the Langer Lab. In this capacity, Rahul focuses on evaluating new market opportunities and working with senior management on business and product strategy. He also supports partnership discussions and fundraising efforts. Prior to joining Semprus, Rahul was a Marketing Analyst at Medtronic, where he worked on the product launch plan for a thoracic stent graft. He previously worked at Burrill & Company, a San Francisco-based life sciences venture capital firm. Rahul received an MS from Johns Hopkins University and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florida.


An-Jou Chen, Roche Leadership Program


An-Jou is a PhD candidate at Harvard Medical School in Medical in Oncology. Her dissertation work focuses on dissecting the biology of glioblastoma – the most malignant form of brain cancer – through mouse modeling and gene discovery, with the goal of identifying new drug targets and discovering novel therapy opportunities. She served as co-Managing Director of the Harvard Biotechnology Club, a student organization aimed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. She was selected as a 2010 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program in Boston. She interned at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan, one of the two largest national research institutes in Taiwan as well as MediBic Inc. in Japan, a startup bioinformatics and consulting company that went public in 2003. An-Jou is interested in accelerating translational research and facilitating drug discovery from bench to bedside. An-Jou graduated cum laude from Stanford University with a B.A. degree in Human Biology and thesis work on Alzheimer’s disease.


Ace Moghimi, MBA Candidate, Babson


Ace Moghimi is currently pursuing an evening MBA from Babson College’s F.W. Olin School of Business. He was formerly an Operations & Commodities Analyst at Barclays Capital in NYC, later moving to Boston and attaining a position as a Derivatives Analyst at John Hancock. His responsibilities have ranged from leading and managing major projects to doing analysis and reporting for internal business units. In his spare time, he launched his first company in Real Estate, investing in small cash flow properties. He previously worked for a startup that ran venture accelerator programs over a weekend for college students, and is in constant pursuit of his next venture as he moves through the SLP 2011-2012. Ace is originally from the greater Boston area. He resides in the Fenway neighborhood and enjoys catching Sox games, playing golf and pursuing his goal of becoming an amateur skimboarder.


Babak Kia, Program Leader, SLP Boston


Babak Kia is Adjunct Faculty at Boston University’s College of Engineering where he focuses on the fusion of Education, Innovation, and Technology into the engineering curriculum. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on a broad array of topics, ranging from Microprocessor and Operating System design to Communication and Wireless network systems. In addition to teaching at the College, Babak has extensive Computer industry experience; he has led product development and advised technology ventures on the design of Embedded, Mobile, Medical, Robotic, and Distributed Software Systems. He is a graduate of Boston University with proven academic and organizational leadership skills, and is keenly interested in bringing to fore the future of technology through commercialization and product development. He is a Program Leader and 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Helena Mistry, Founder, GradConnect


Helena Mistry is currently Founder of Gradconnect, which she started when she realized her fellow graduate students had a hard time of finding jobs that suited their skills earned in graduate school, or sometimes had a hard time finding a job at all. She is also a postdoctoral Fellow at Dana Farber Cancer Resarch Institute, where she is finding a cure for cancer. She holds an undergrad from the University of Toronto. She is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.


Patrick Campbell, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Gemvara


Patrick Campbell leads Strategic Initiatives at, a Boston based MeCommerce platform for fully customizable jewelry. Prior to joining Gemvara, Patrick worked for Google’s Online Sales Organization, managing advertiser relationships within the Financial Services Sector, consulting across Search, Display, Mobile, YouTube, and other online channels. He holds two undergraduate degrees from Bradley University, one in Economics and another in Rhetorical Studies. While at Bradley he competed for their nationally ranked Speech and Debate team, earning a national title in Oratory, as well as an overall national ranking of third. He also founded BridgeBright Inc., a non-profit education management consulting firm that conducted operations in twenty-three states, as well as Dubai, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Boston.

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