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Hong Kong Fellows

Benfeng Chen, WebNova

Benfeng Chen is the CEO & Co-founder of WebNova Ltd., which creates MiniWeb (, a faster and more convenient Web browser for mobile devices. Prior to WebNova, he spent 5 years at Microsoft (Seattle, US) developing Internet Explorer and shipped IE8 & IE9. Benfeng is an enthusiastic programmer, hacker and entrepreneur. He was awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He co-founded the Seattle Entrepreneurship Club, which is the largest Chinese high-tech community in Seattle area. He also serves as the Chief Technical Advisor of CNSW, the largest China independent software vendor community. When he was in college, he won the first prize of the university software development contest and was the early employee of iFlyTek, a public company and the market leader of Chinese speech software. Benfeng holds a master degree in computer science and bachelor degree in electronic engineering. He is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Bonita Wang, iDonate

Bonita Wang is the founder of iDonate, the 1st charity rating and corporate social responsibility social platform in Hong Kong. iDonate promotes ‘Do Good Effectively & Donate Confidently’ by increasing transparency of charities and connecting the public and business corporations. It caught media attention 2 weeks after the platform was launched. Prior to this, she spent 4 years at VMS Investment Group, a private equity firm back by New World Group and Cheng’s family, where she focused on clean technology. Bonita has also worked at KPMG as an auditor for financial institutions. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economcis from The Ohio State University (Columbus), and Master’s degree in Investment Management from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is a fan of Google, lean startup, and venture philanthropy. Bonita is passionate about solving the problem of resources allocation – to do good effectively. She is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Carter Lam, Four Directions

Carter Lam is the Co-founder of Mobile Startup called Four Directions and he is now Chief Operating Officer to play a key role in the project management side for both clients and in-house projects including e-publishing, mobile device software development, website development, and digital marketing campaign. He is also interested in developing the social entrepreneurship and he found Hong Kong Youth Social Entrepreneur Award (YSEA) which give HK$300000 to the winners. He holds a Master Degree in Engineering Enterprise Management from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Eric Tang, Four Directions

Eric Tang currently works as Business Strategy Director of a mobile app start-up named Four Directions in Hong Kong. Prior to joining Four Directions, he founded four companies since 19 years old. He raised 1 million RMB for an academic social platform in Nanjing with a group of professors in Nanjing university in 2010. Since 2008, he has founded a non-profit organization named Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Alliance with 6 other start-up founders and provided free consultation to Hong Kong citizen with Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Most recently, he was named as the founding Co-Program Leader for the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong. He holds a Business Administration degree major in Information System and Organization Management from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is active in start-up community in Hong Kong and delivers a few talks about young entrepreneurship to different organizations such as Vocational Training Council, Queen Elizabeth School and Rotaract. His hobbies include Chinese astrology, fencing and Yiquan(Chinese Martial Art).

Jennifer Galang,, an online fundraising platform that aims to connect underprivileged high school students who wish to go to college to potential donors. MySkolar is currently working on its pilot in the Philippines and in Pakistan. Jenny grew up in the Philippines and has studied and worked in Manila, Tokyo, London, and New York and is currently based in Hong Kong with her husband, Raza, the co-founder of MySkolar. She has worked in the financial services industry for seven years, has an MBA from London Business School and Chartered Financial Analyst and US Certified Public Accountant charters. Jenny travels a lot, plays the piano in her free time, and loves kids. She aims to give back to her home country and dreams of a day when financing will no longer be a hindrance to getting a college education. She is a 2012 fellow in the Startup Leadership Programme in Hong Kong.

Jimmy Chu, iFashion

Jimmy Chu is working in ClusterTech as a Senior Business Developer and working on a startup project, iFashion, a platform allowing people to mix-and-match clothing and share the fashioned looks with their friends. Prior to this, he had formed Nethop Limited and launched a webgame ecBattle in Guangzhou, where he/she is the project manager, QA tester, sysadmin, and janitor of the team. Jimmy also worked at Tethys Technology, developing its trading system, UBS, as a system analyst on its mortgage analytics system. He is an expert in coding and agile execution. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering and a MS in Financial Engineering, but realized his passion is in building a software company that build products users want with a culture that developers love to work at. He is a fan of Cao Cao and Winston Churchill and love history, East and West, Ancient and Modern, very much. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Krzysztof Kostienko, Morgan Stanley

Krzysztof Kostienko is the Global IT Security Architect for Morgan Stanley, leading two highly strategic projects for Asia Region. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, he worked as the IT Security Architect for IBM. He also worked in security for HP Labs in the UK and Zefcom in Dublin. Kryzysztof runs marathon, and lead a team of four when he ran the Berlin Marathon, raising money for Cancer Research in the UK. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Politechnika Łódzka, and a Bachelors in Computer Science from Coventry University. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Florian Bennhold, AllegroIQ

Florian Bennhold is the co-founder of AllegroIQ, which is creating a Guitar-Hero-like music education experience on a real piano for China’s 50 million piano students. At the same time, Florian volunteers for the William J. Clinton Foundation supporting the organization’s electric vehicle program in Hong Kong. Prior to starting his own venture in Hong Kong, he worked at Wilson Solar Power, an MIT spin-off company in Boston, where he supported missionary sales and product development as well as the company’s ties to China. Since his early days as an engineering student in Germany, he has been facinated by the nexus of technology, business and politics in the cleantech sector. In 2009, he founded the Energy Alliance @ HKUST, a student organization focusing on opportunities in Asia’s cleantech sector. Florian was awarded the Erwin-Stephan Prize for his achievements during his engineering studies and has been a fellow of the Franco-German University, the German National Academic Foundation and the Haniel Foundation. He holds a double diploma in Engineering Science from TU Berlin and Ecole Centrale Paris and an MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Lei Zhou, Knowledge Innovation Technology

Lei Zhou is the founder and the technical director of Knowledge Innovation Technology Limited, key developer of iMelody.FM online music service. He has more than nine years software and website development experience. His development work involves in different areas including IT, finance, manufacturing and entertainment. Mr. Zhou is also an active developer of the most popular open-sourced music player “Amarok”. His experience in assisting a consulting project on business strategy and later working for that company on talent management has laid a good foundation for running KITech as a cofounder. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Lucian Lacau, FindMyTutor

Lucian Lacau (Co-Program Leader) is the founder and CEO of FindMyTutor an online tutoring marketplace that connects tutors with parents. Prior to it, Lucian has worked at a startup in Hong Kong as a business development manager in the online B2B trading business. In Canada he held various sales positions ranging from telemarketing, door to door sales in a variety of industries. He holds a degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada concentrating in marketing. In January 2011, his last semester of his studies, he went on exchange to Hong Kong Science and Technology and decided to stay in Hong Kong upon graduation. He plays chess, likes to explore new cultures and describes himself as a real “hustler”. He believes that entrepreneurs that have very limited resources need to find ways to barter and trade skills. He is a co- PL of Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong and Fellow in the Class of 2012.

Miranda Gao, PassionWorks

Miranda Gao (Founding Program Leader) is the co-founder and CEO of PassionWorks, an online career platform that disrupts the current job listing model and empowers startups and SMBs by allowing companies to tell a full story of themselves through social contents and allowing job seekers to present career passions through visualized resume. It’s all about connecting passions and we are humanizing the job-hunting process. Prior to PassionWorks Miranda was the Sponsorship Associate for Harvard China Forum in 2011, one of the largest China-focused conferences in North America bringing influential business leaders, policy-makers, and leading scholars to Harvard University to discuss current trends in different aspects of China’s development. Miranda studied Global Business and Economics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (undergraduate) and Humanities at Harvard (visiting undergraduate student). She plays cello, travels a lot and is fascinated by Tibetan Buddhism. Miranda is the founding Program Leader of the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong and Fellow in the Class of 2012.

Pierre Poth, Pierre Georges

Pierre Poth is co-founder of Pierre Georges, a new French designer brand where every garment is tailor made to the clients measurements. The first showroom is opening up in Paris in less than a month and the e-commerce website due to launch in November. Born French American. Was lucky to have early independence and contact with other cultures by living on my own a couple years in South America (Peru) and China (mainland and HK), going to school or working. Just graduated from HKUST with a BBA in finance and went from part time to full time in my start up the day after graduation! He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Salvador de la Barrera, Flipter

Salvador de la Barrera is the Founder and CEO of Flipter. With Flipter Salvador is changing the way the world is asking questions, by creating a micro-blogging platform that takes a fun and social approach to creating polls and surveys on-line. Prior to founding Flipter ,he co-founded; an on-line platform that connects business from Latin America and Asia. He led Flipter to win the Hong Kong creative Microfund in 2011. Salvador is an innovator that excels in leveraging creative thinking in the framework of a structured business environment. Salvador enjoys leadership roles, organizing, planning and training other motivated people. Sal is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Shu Kit Tse, Stealth Mode Startup

Shu Kit Tse is currently on a team of 3 that’s developing a mobile app for sharing, and eventually shaping, lifestyles. Shu is studying computer science and business at HKUST and is expected to graduate in June 2012. He has had several experiences in sales and marketing, where he led a team of 13 students to plan a Microsoft roadshow at HKU back in 2009, worked as a sales associate at AIESEC in both HKUST and Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and did market surveying and business development for 2 different startups on a part-time basis over a summer. In his early university days, Shu participated in several business plan competitions, and gained knowledge in the area. Shu is passionate about psychology and seeks to help web 2.0 users live balanced and meaningful lives.

Tommy Cheung, Business Brokerage

Tommy Cheung is the Founder & CEO of a business brokerage company for over 3 years, that deals with with different SME and business owners in Hong Kong after school for over 9 years. He is active in various community services such as Leo District 303 HK & Macau, Junior Chamber International (Hong Kong) & the Leadership Training Association. He is a 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in Hong Kong.

Wilson Yau, W Apps

Wilson Yau is the Co-founder of W Apps Co., a web solution startup. Prior to this, he was Business Analyst at Wallem Innvoative Solutions (HK) Limited. (Different IT Projects for shore office and vessels with IT development team located in Philippines) ; Tradelink Electric Commerce Limited (Different IT Logistics projects to link up SMEs with Buyers, Suppliers and Forwarders); and Analyst Programmer at Societe Generale (Develop banking programs with team in Bangalore). Wison holds a degree in Software Engineering (HKU) and master of Managerial Leadership in Financial Services(Edinburgh Napier University, U.K.). He was awarded with the Best Leo Club President. He organized different successful social services and one of his social service project has won Hong Kong’s Top Ten Youth’s Social Service Project Award. Besides, he also fonded at public speaking and won different awards in Toastmasters’ Evaluation Speech Contest. Wilson has extended his passionate to startup his own business and he is 2012 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program.

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