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2014 Fellows

Alejandro Artola ,

Alejandro Artola is a software engineer with a passion for technology and its applications to solve real world problems. He has more than eight years of experience working in startups and multinational software companies. He has worked in the consumer and enterprise application markets and in several areas including business intelligence, analytics, project management, and social networking. He holds bachelor and master degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. Alex enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, soccer, and sailing. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Anna Lenhart ,Next Generation of Service

Anna Lenhart is a Sr.Analyst at Oberon Fuels, a startup that makes a clean substitute to diesel fuel. She is also the founder of the Next Generation of Service, a social enterprise that offers service oriented vocational mentorship to young people. Before joining Oberon, Anna worked as a Salesforce Developer and information technology consultant in the non-profit community. She is on the executive committee of Run Women Run and San Diego Americorps Alumni Association. Anna graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BA in Civil Engineering and Engineering Public Policy. Following graduation, she studied sustainable waste management practices in Namibian townships on a Fulbright Grant. She loves surfing, rock climbing and camping, and has visited 23 out of 53 of the United States National Parks. She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Bhairvee Shavdia ,Upcycled Around Town

Bhairvee Shavdia is social entrepreneur and investment professional passionate about using innovative business models and technologies to foster positive social change. She is the founder and CEO of Upcycled Around Town, a marketplace dedicated to selling products made from reused and repurposed materials. Prior to founding Upcycled Around Town, Bhairvee was a Ventures Fellow at SJF Ventures helping social entrepreneurs gain access to the capital and operational support needed to achieve meaningful growth. She started her career as an investment banking analyst at Dresdner Kleinwort focused on cross border M&A transactions and transitioned into mid-market private equity at H.I.G. Capital’s London office. Bhairvee holds a BSc in Economics from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Columbia Business School. An avid nature enthusiast, Bhairvee enjoys paddleboarding, hiking and golf. Bhairvee also enjoys exploring different cultures and has traveled extensively throughout South East Asia and Africa. She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Brandon J. Noel ,Rezident Management Group

Brandon J. Noel is a hard working, driven visionary who founded NOEL Enterprises LLC in 2006. Noel Enterprises LLC consist of DJ NOEL 2033, Rezident Management Group and is currently in negotiations to acquire Truly Blessed Clothing LLC. Prior to the formation of Noel Enterprises Brandon was involved in the telecommunications industry for over 10 years. Working with the likes of GTE, AT&T, CINGULAR, and finally ending his corporate career with NEXTEL and SPRINT! Brandon holds an Associate Degree in Communications and has decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Brandon’s first taste of entrepreneurism came with his purchase of a wireless/cellphone store in Escondido, Ca. Brandon and his partner formed a corporation called Wireless and Spy Inc. He owned and operated this progressive retail store for 3 years. Focusing on the sales of wireless phones and services as well as Surveillance equipment for residential homes and businesses. During this time Brandon had continued to follow his passion for performing through the art of deejaying. When it became difficult to find funding for Wireless and Spy Inc, Brandon and his partner sold the business and chose to follow his passion full time. With Brandon’s past experiences in marketing, telecommunications and ownership the creation of DJ NOEL 2033 became a smooth transition for him. Years later he wanted more and had aspirations to help other artist find success just as he had and Rezident Management Group was born. Brandon is a excited fellow of the 2014 Startup Leadership Program.

Celia Jenkinson ,

Celia Jenkinson is an experienced pharmacologist, and is a leader in the area of R&D in diabetes/obesity holding 3 patents and 29 publications in the area.   She holds a BSc in Biochemistry and a PhD in molecular pharmacology.  Celia has worked extensively in large pharma., GSK, Pfizer and Janssen across UK and U.S. Her drive to create novel, differentiated approaches to treat disease has lured her towards the entrepreneurial space, as large companies are no longer able to effectively foster an innovative culture internally.  She loves to travel and experience different cultures and is passionate about passing this onto her children.  Celia highly desires to improve the success of new medicines going into clinical trials and the ability of the treated population to respond.  Her vision is to embrace the wealth of clinical and pharmacogenomics data now emerging for many disease areas together with bioinformatics to make a meaningful difference particularly for orphan diseases.  She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Corey Magers ,

Corey Magers is an explorer in the medical device field, leading the mechanical research and development of multiple cutting edge medical products.  Currently leading the mechanical development effort on a next generation infusion pump, Corey also has a passion for developing ideas into lifesaving products.  After getting his BS in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA and MS in Mechanical Engineering from UCSD, he went on to work with several medical device companies ranging from small startups to multinational market-leading corporations.  His design of a fully automatic handheld drug injector led to the sale of one startup.  His work in wireless monitoring technology will protect the safety of thousands of Epilepsy patients.  Corey is a gifted inventor with 6 patents covering a wide gamut of the medical device industry.  In his free time Corey is passionate about health and fitness, he loves the outdoors and playing fetch with his energetic Boykin Spaniel pup.  He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Daniel Knudsen ,

Dan Knudsen is a scientist and technologist who builds things that make it easier to figure out how the world works. He's been studying the brain for the past 12 years and has designed hardware and software systems that speed up the pace of discovery in neuroscience and cognitive science. He has published many peer-reviewed research papers on topics ranging from drug addiction, to designing artificial nervous systems, to the physiology underlying auditory behavior. Dan received his PhD in Neurosciences in 2013 from UC San Diego, where he established himself as an expert in the neural basis of vocal communication behavior and auditory learning.  He has a passion for spreading ideas, and has turned to entrepreneurship as a way to bring exciting scientific advances from academia to the general public. He's currently working on making it easier for pets and owners to communicate with each other by applying the science of animal behavior to automatically train and entertain pets, even when their owners aren't around. Dan Knudsen is excited to be a 2014 Fellow in the San Diego chapter of the Startup Leadership Program.

Darryl Kuhn ,Fluid Software Solutions

Darryl Kuhn is a 20 year veteran of the software industry and recognized thought leader in the world of e-commerce, personalization, and user experience. Mr. Kuhn holds numerous software awards, two patents, and is published in Tech News World, Internet Retailer, CRM Buyer, Quality Digest among others. He was also a featured speaker at eTail 2012. Darryl is currently CEO and Principal Architect at Fluid Software Solutions, an enterprise class e-commerce and mobile architecture solutions consultancy. Prior to founding Fluid Software he spent seven years at Skinit as SVP, Technology and CTO where he built Skinit’s technology team, and led the development of the Skinit On-Demand Personalization (ODP) platform, an e-commerce personalization solution, which was licensed by several fortune 500’s including Microsoft, 3M, and HP. Prior to Skinit Darryl spent 13 years in various ventures developing a range of software from one of the first app stores to complex neural networks for wireless applications. Darryl is passionate about economic policy, and science and technology. His personal interests include surfing, scuba diving, travel, reading (science fiction, light philosophy, and business/personal development), and the occasional video game. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Dhinakar Radhakrishnan ,Latent Labs Inc

Dhinakar Radhakrishnan is the CoFounder and CEO of Latent Labs Inc. Theft of users personal information is the new malware in the post-PC age and their new product {app360scan} helps users safeguard their personal data. Prior to founding Latent Labs, Dhinakar worked at Qualcomm, where he last served as Director of Engineering in Qualcomm's R&D group. He is a very talented engineer having assembled and lead engineering teams on numerous occasions. While at Qualcomm he was able to move beyond his Engineering background and incubated a new product which was named as one of Qualcomm's most innovative product in 2008. Dhinakar has more than 10 patents issued or pending. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Fabrice Gould ,Diggen

Fabrice is the founder and CEO of Diggen, which increases ecommerce conversions by supplying authorized consumer data profiles. His vision for Diggen, the digital genome platform, is to simplify the management of personal information in a centralized cloud service. Your digital world becomes a magically personalized experience. Fabrice began his career at General Electric as a cross functional program manager, but moved to California to learn entrepreneurship and startup ventures. He joined to grow 1-800-SAN-DIEGO nationally, Jingle Networks to establish business development for 1-800-FREE-411, and Localeze to create product development and the technology organization. He became an expert in local search and coined the industry term NAP for data cleansing. He thrives in building agile organizations to quickly iterate through customer and product development. Fabrice has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, a Master of Business Administration from the California International Business University, and starting his Doctorate of Business Administration. He is French American and originally from New York City. He is a 2014 fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Gordon Fletcher ,Digital Storage Solutions Inc

Gordon Fletcher is the President of Digital Storage Solutions Inc, a company that archives data onto USB Flash Drives through automated kiosks. Prior to founding Digital Storage Solutions, Gordon worked as a Senior Project Manager at Hewlett Packard. Gordon is an expert in Technical Marketing and Post-Sales Operations. Gordon has an MBA and Electrical Engineering Degree. Gordon is passionate about solving the problem of liberating memories trapped in mobile devices. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Jean Pierre LeBlanc ,Infinity Kiosk LLC

Jean Pierre LeBlanc is the Founder and CEO of Infinity Kiosk LLC, the cash portal for money and e-commerce services. He has held executive positions in a broad range of public (Sun, SCO, Borland, Nokia, and Alcatel-Lucent) and private companies (Cellon, Esmertec, VirtualLogix, QIWI, and Skinit) in the software and mobile marketplaces. Jean Pierre has been an innovator and change agent throughout his career having delivered many first-of-kind and market leading commercial products. He has expertise in leading small and global teams in delivering great quality software and products. He is a global strategic thinker with proven start-up experience in the US, China, Switzerland, Finland, and France. Jean Pierre is a passionate leader who thrives on creating compelling product vision and driving teams to deliver on it. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering and Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). He served as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering department at RMC and was a lecturer in the Information System department of UCSC. An avid sportsman, Jean Pierre loves playing hockey, triathlon, biking, tennis, golfing and skiing. He’s proud to be a 2014 Fellow in the San Diego Chapter of the Startup Leadership Program.

John Patrick Galido ,

JP Galido is an Enterprise Solutions Architect. He is working with UST Global Inc, a solutions and services provider for the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies in building a cloud-based CRM application for the Energy sector. Prior this he started a number of startups including - an online platform for selling independently produced musics and - an online community magazine for the Filipino startup entrepreneurs. Back in college, he is part of a team that built a 4-legged all-terrain robot, MAAT-1, which was presented twice in manufacturing summits at the largest convention center in the Philippines. JP graduated as a full-scholar from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Day-to-day he needs to wear multiple hats such as helping clients improve their business processes; developing products and/or services; and leading people. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Jono Slade ,Lolonga Beauty

Jono Slade, a driven entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Lolonga Beauty and the co-creator of the Best In Business Training Program. Jono received a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from San Diego State University which allowed him to hone a unique leadership style. He leans on the power of real life experience and diverse perspectives to find innovative business and life solutions. His extensive background working within different cultures allows him to bring a “thinking outside the box” approach to everything he does, striving to find the best and most fluid solution to any situation. He has a strong passion for using all mediums; video, audio, or text to produce the most engaging material possible. Coming from a family of educators, he has a passion for education which pushed him to create more effective educational platforms that better engage students and propel them forward to reach their goals. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Joshua Windmiller ,Electrozyme LLC

Josh Windmiller received the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from UC San Diego in 2012 where he was awarded with the prestigious Charles Lee Powell Foundation fellowship and was a Gordon Scholar in engineering leadership. He is the recipient of the internationally-acclaimed Printed Electronics USA 2010 Academic R&D award for his developments in textile-based printed bioelectronics. Josh was inducted as a Gordon Fellow in 2011 in recognition of demonstrated leadership in the engineering profession. He gained international reputation for his development of transdermal and percutaneous biosensors, printed bioelectronics, screen printed nanotechnology, and bioelectrocatalysis. Josh has published over 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts in leading scientific and engineering journals and has 12 patents issued or pending. He has completed a DOE-sponsored postdoctoral fellowship at UCSD’s Department of NanoEngineering where his research focused on the development of printed biosensors, bioelectronics, and biofuel cells. He currently serves as the CEO of Electrozyme LLC, an early-stage startup focused on the development of printed epidermal biosensors for the assessment of physical activity and fitness levels. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Livna Levram ,Parents Set Go

Livna Genchel is the founder of Parents Set Go, an organization that focuses on parents and advises parents or soon to be parents how to raise their kids using lots of love, support, and tons of fun. While getting Parents Set Go off the ground, Livna continues to work at Levram Design, a design company she founded 10 years ago. Levram Design is a creative leader in brand strategy and design across interactive media and print platforms. Livna has expert capabilities in concept design, providing innovative solutions, and making ideas a reality! Livna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She is passionate about enhancing children’s lives and helping build strong families and communities. She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Marco Antonio Soto ,ckluster

Marco is the CEO of ckluster, a productive network focused on helping companies communicate and collaborate across their supply chain through communication and task management tools. Prior to ckluster, Marco has also worked as Manager and Kaizen coordinator at La Canasta and Ammex Services, leading food distribution companies in California and Mexico, where he has designed, developed and implemented SOP’s, customized software and kaizen (continuous improvement) programs that offer better control over inventories, processes and supply chain. He holds an Industrial Engineering degree and focuses on optimizing companies through business and technology orientation. Marco is passionate about entrepreneurship and is helping grow Mexico’s startup community. He is co-organizer of Tijuana’s Startup Weekend and co-host of, a streaming program about startups and technology focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Mexico. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Mirona Constantinescu ,Bridge to Bohemia

Mirona Constantinescu is a social entrepreneur, web developer, and a passionate ethical-fashion thought leader. She is founder and CEO of Bridge to Bohemia where ethical is always in style™. Bridge to Bohemia is the 1st and only fashion retailer to exclusively showcase designs inspired by cultural heritage. After immigrating to the U.S. as a refugee, she became passionate about social and economic justice. Subsequently, she pioneered the Fairtrade movement in San Diego and co-founded San Diego Friends of Fair Trade, a 501c3 non-profit to promote Fairtrade in San Diego. After graduating from UCLA with magna cum laude and departmental honors in Development Economics, she found her lucrative passion at UCSD as a Web Developer. Mirona plans to earn her PhD in Cultural Neuroscience and explore how neural processes and behavior influence economic development through culture. She is passionate about influencing global cultural memes and economic policy and infusing her entrepreneurial endeavors with ‘big picture’ ideas. She is a 2014 Startup Leadership Program Fellow in San Diego. Contact her at mirona @

Naz Athina Kallel ,

Naz Athina Kallel is the bootstrapping Founder of, a start up currently in the pre- launch stage.  EuHerd’s goal is to provide a well categorized Event searching and listing service, to give our communities’ businesses, small and large, the opportunity to showcase their events, create a buzz and drive attendance. She is a fan of using technology to fuel the growth of local businesses by increasing their visibility in their local markets and provide innovative ways to reach out to customers directly, strongly believing that customer retention has a major impact on profitability. She caught the entrepreneurial bug early.  At 19 she founded a photo safari company in her native Kenya. She sold the company after 5 years to finance her move to the United States. Naz has also worked in Corporate Travel and ran an art jewelry company where her pieces were shown in galleries in Santorini, Greece, Mombasa, Kenya and has been privileged to show her work at the Mingei Museum in San Diego.  She proudly wears the badge of a cancer warrior and travels the globe to hear and tell stories. She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Ruggero Scorcioni ,brainYno

Ruggero is the founder and CEO of brainYno, a startup dedicated to reduce distractions generated by smartphones. Prior to brainYno, Ruggero worked for Nobel prize winner Gerald Edelman as computational neuroscientist working on a model of early stages of mammalian vision. He holds 2 patents and 14 peer-reviewed publications in the area. Prior to his neuroscience career, he worked for IBM as software architect. He holds a PhD in computational neuroscience from George Mason University and a master degree in software engineering from University of Modena. Ruggero is passionate about hardware, software, and neuroscience. He loves salsa dancing, riding motorcycles and competing in hackathons. Ruggero was awarded multiple winnings at Hackathons including best app at 2013 AT&T Hackathon out of 500 developers. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Sigalit Tsadok ,

Sigalit Tsadok spearheads patient safety initiatives as Principal Engineer at Sotera Wireless, the first mobile body-worn vital signs monitor. Sigalit came to Sotera with experience in product development of complex embedded medical systems. In her first year at Sotera, she received the annual Founder’s Award for her contributions. Sigalit has been working for startup companies (including her own) her entire career. The most recent company she started was Pacific Software Management, LLC, which offered consulting services to medical and biotech companies in San Diego. Her first business, before college, was a small sporting goods store that served the needs of the local community. Working for startup companies has given Sigalit a broad cross-functional perspective. She has collaborated closely with leaders in engineering, quality, operations, technical support, customer relations, sales, and marketing. With this experience, and her passion to make a positive impact, Sigalit’s goal is to build and lead a creative, educational, fun company with incredible people who will change lives for the better. Sigalit holds a BSc and MSc in BioEngineering from UCSD, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi societies, and has authored a number of papers on cardiac mechanics and on bioimpedance. She is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Sreekanth Kumandan ,Mimir

Sreekanth Kumandan is the Co-Founder of Mimir, a social integration start up with the goal of leveraging social network activity to improve the lives of people in meaningful and direct ways. Sree currently works as an Business Analyst at Bainbridge Consulting, a boutique firm that provides strategic guidance to Fortune 1000 clients. Prior to Bainbridge, Sree graduated from UCSD with Bachelor degrees in Economics and Biochemistry/Cell Biology quickly followed by a Masters in Biology in the area of cancer research. His hard work resulted in a publication in 2013. Sree’s extensive experience in primary and secondary research has taught him how to leverage data to generate meaningful insight into problems and design creative solutions. His love of entrepreneurship and passion for inventing novel ways to bring value are what led him to become a 2014 Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program, San Diego chapter. Sree finds daily joy in meeting people from all walks of life, teaching others, as well as learning anything and everything pertaining to the life sciences and technology.

Stephanie Burns ,Chic CEO

A mid-westerner at heart, Stephanie Burns is the founder and CEO of Chic CEO. With a background in brand building, media buying, strategy and entrepreneurship, Stephanie has wide experience with an eclectic portfolio of industries. While pursuing her MBA, Stephanie decided to create the business plan for what is now Chic CEO. After being a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune, she used her winnings to launch a web resource any woman could use and understand without having to obtain a business degree. As CEO, her vision for Chic CEO is to become a nationally recognized brand and reliable resource for female entrepreneurs. Stephanie teaches marketing for the University of Phoenix and also writes for Forbes online. Stephanie is passionate about entrepreneurship and closing the gender gap completely. Stephanie is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Stuart Young ,

Stuart Young is Director of Bioinformatics at Annai systems, a genomic data infrastructure provider. He worked for more than ten years as a journalist in Europe, Africa and the Far East before beginning his career in Bioinformatics. Stuart has worked on a wide variety of Bioinformatics projects in industry and academia over the past ten years, focusing for the last five years on Next Generation Sequencing and pipeline automation. He is a 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Tina Knight Ardolino ,Hapa Yoga

Tina Ardolino is  the Owner of Hapa Yoga, a San Diego yoga studio that offers child care. Prior to Hapa Yoga, she worked at Sempra Energy, where she was the Manager of Financial Systems and Reporting.  Tina has also worked at KPMG, Newland communities and LPL Financial. She is exceptional in her creativity and bringing ideas to life.  She is also an expert in Financial Reporting  and Financial Systems.  She holds a degree in Business from USC.  She  is a fan of USC Football. Tina is passionate about helping women in their various stages of life, including family development, health and fitness, fertility and post partum.  She  is 2014 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in the San Diego chapter.

2013 Fellows

Adam Riggs-Zeigen ,Rock My World

Adam Riggs-Zeigen is the Chief Rocker of Rock My World, a digital music service for active people. Prior to Rock My World, he worked at Qualcomm, where he was most recently Senior Manager of Business Development working with brands such as Universal Music Group, Major League Baseball, Fox Television Networks and Disney to adopt Qualcomm technologies. Prior to Qualcomm, Adam founded Fantasy Workz, a company focused on in-venue entertainment using tablet computers, Inamed, a medical device company and was an touring club DJ playing both nationally and internationally. He specializes in the world of mobile and web technologies - both from a technical and industry perspective. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA with emphasis in eCommerce and Entrepreneurship from San Diego State University. He is a fan of all things sports and never misses a Miami Dolphins game, no matter how awful they are. Adam is passionate about utilizing the emotional effects of music to inspire, excite, console, enrage and drive people to accomplish their goals. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Ben Connealy ,Connealy Insurance Agencies

Ben Connealy is a passionate strategist with a decade of diverse project management experience. He has led teams of over 50 people in highly structured environments, and agile teams of five and fewer in his start-up, Connealy Insurance Agencies. As the founder of Connealy Insurance Agencies, Ben has researched, discovered, and implemented strategies aimed at improving customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention. Connealy Insurance Agencies now has higher year-over-year customer retention than 93 percent of Agencies in Southern California. Ben has served as a guest speaker at multiple agency conferences in San Diego and Orange Counties and loves using what he’s learned to help others succeed. Ben holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Brad Pruitt ,nPruv, Inc.

Brad Pruitt is the founder and CEO of nPruv, a patient recruitment startup using health IT + social media intelligence to facilitate patients in finding, matching and sharing clinical trial opportunities with their friends and family. Brad is an entrepreneurial, innovative and pragmatic thinker in every aspect of his life. He is an energetic public speaker, a published author in academic and business journals and has two patents pending. Pruitt is the President & Managing Director of Prucor, a healthcare consulting and market research firm where he has worked with McKesson, EndoStim, Sotera Wireless and other health technology companies. Pruitt holds a medical degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of California, San Diego. Pruitt is passionate about personalized and patient-centric healthcare services derived from disruptive technologies, platforms, and applications that pull healthcare toward a globally connected ecosystem. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Brina Bujkovsky ,Stoke Box

Brina is an experienced business leader with solid experience solving complex issues and strategically growing a brand. Brina has been serving as CEO of The Younique Boutique, inc. for over a decade. Her passion for art and design coupled with a love of technology made an ecommerce gift boutique the perfect fit for her diverse skill set. Prior to founding The Younique Boutique, she worked as a software interface designer for Shea Homes, and iVillage. Brina's current company is a consumer web startup called StokeBox where members trade up boxes of their best, gently used and outgrown stuff. StokeBox won 3rd Place at Startup Weekend San Diego 2012. As a mom of two kids, she is passionate about helping families use their outgrown stuff as collateral towards the things they need. Brina holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from San Diego State, University. She is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Byron Chen ,

Byron Chen is an experienced leader of organizations in high stress, high tempo environments. He is currently a Company Commander at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, where he leads Drill Instructors in training civilian recruits to become Marines. Byron has been serving this country as an officer in the Marine Corps for the last five years, which included a deployment to Iraq in 2009. He has been awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and Commendation Medal for his leadership of various organizations. He holds a degree in Ocean Engineering from the United States Naval Academy. Byron's passion has always been to serve those in need, and his next goal is to channel his experience and vision to leading entrepreneurial pursuits with socially conscious objectives. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Courtney Titus ,GIViNGtrax

Courtney Titus is the Co-Founder & CMO of GIViNGtrax, a multi-user marketplace that empowers local communities in ways never before possible and provides the handshake between the members of a community who make a good cause a great success! We provide web-based & mobile-based tools for managing donations, fundraising, and GIViNG. In a way, we play "matchmaker" to local businesses, nonprofits, and individuals who otherwise may have never met. Prior to GIViNGtrax, she spent the last several years in Internet & Social Media Marketing. The last 4 years of her career were spent in the automotive industry where she led marketing operations for 7 dealerships of various brands. Courtney's well diversified experience includes launching several websites, installing CRM platforms, media buying, and internet & social marketing. Courtney has a passion for philanthropy & cause marketing and specializes in creating engaging campaigns that bring consumers, nonprofits, and businesses together! She graduated from Santa Clara University in 2007 with a BS in Marketing and is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

David Hawkins ,BioQuan

Dave Hawkins is CEO & Founder of BioQuan Inc., a digital concierge for mHealth. With 14 years of business development and sales experience, he has successfully introduced emerging technologies and products to the market, mostly in early stage software, Internet and FDA cleared medical device ventures. As VP of Business Development & COO, Co-Founder of NuFACE, Dave was involved in growing the company to one of the leading FDA cleared at-home use aesthetic device companies. NuFACE is a nationally recognized brand, with international expansion rollout plans, that quickly gained attention by beauty consumers, dermatologic professionals, blue-chip multi-nationals, major media outlets, and major retailers including QVC’s “hi tech beauty” merchandising category. Its first device, garnered 2009 and 2010 QVC customer nomination for “best beauty tool” and its next generation device NuFACE-Trinity, as a 2012 QVC customer nomination for not only “best beauty tool” but also “breakthrough beauty product of the year” among others. Dave has earned Chairman’s Club and President’s Club sales awards earlier in his technology career, including a top revenue generator worldwide for a $500M company operating in over 20 countries. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of Arizona, is a native S. Californian and truly believes San Diego is “America’s Finest City”. Dave is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

David Lee ,GP International LLC

David Lee is the CEO/founder of GP International, a mobile health & wellness company empowering users to improve their health with apps like Period Tracker for iOS, Android and WindowsPhone. Prior to GP International, David worked at a non-profit where he was the founder. He holds a degree in Political Economy from UC Berkeley. He's an avid learner of strategy, marketing, UX and innovation and is passionate about solving the problem of sickness and suffering. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Elizabeth Seckel ,Neurotherapy International

Elizabeth Seckel is the founder and CEO of Neurotherapy International, a nonprofit organization that uses nothing more than a mirror to eliminate once thought of as intractable pain. Prior to Neurotherapy International, Elizabeth worked as a scientific consultant at the neuroengineering company Emotiv, which holds the proprietary patents on a nascent technology for an inexpensive and reliable EEG neuroheadset with potential to revolutionize the way researchers obtain EEG data. Her work focused on the development of medical applications for the neuroheadset. Elizabeth’s background is in behavioral neuroscience research and her work has received recognition from President Bill Clinton and been featured in the popular press on the Discovery Channel, in New Scientist, Sunday Times Magazine, and Scientific American Mind. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Science at UCSD. Her journey has taken her from digging up dinosaur fossils under the brutal Montana sun with paleontologist Jack Horner, to working with the creative force of English musician Dave Stewart (of the Eurythmics), to flying in zero gravity alongside physicist Stephen Hawking. Elizabeth is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Grant Fraley , ChuckAlek Independent Brewers

Grant Fraley is CTO of TerraPan Labs, a geospatial web startup developing the “” spatial data synchronization and hosting platform that will accelerate the transition of the geographic information system market to cloud computing. Prior to TerraPan Labs, Grant received his Master’s of Science in Geographic Information Science at San Diego State University, where he specialized in modeling with genetic algorithms for spatial models of natural hazard scenarios, particularly large scale evacuation. He led a group of student volunteers to produce online maps during the 2007 wildfire storm in San Diego and received cooperation from Google, KPBS news, and the San Diego County Emergency Operations Center. While at San Diego State University, Grant met the co-founders of TerraPan Labs and developed a drone (unmanned aircraft) for aerial mapping, which was taken to market with operational users in Europe and the United States. He is an expert in the design and application of geographic information systems and avid developer and systems architect with experience in a variety of programming languages. Grant is an evangelist for craft beer and founded a microbrewery, ChuckAlek Independent Brewers, in Ramona, CA. Grant is passionate about solving the challenge of “Big Data” in geographic information systems. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Juliet Oberding ,Predictably Well

Juliet Oberding is the Co-Founder of Predictably Well, a mobile health startup applying technologies like big data analytics and machine learning to health problems. Her team won the 2012 San Diego Apps Challenge Popular Choice Grand Prize for the Good Days mobile health app helping people with immune conditions forecast their wellness. She considers herself an empowered patient having lived with an immune condition, Rheumatoid Arthritis, since 2008. Juliet's health challenges inspired the creation of Predictably Well. Prior to Predictably Well, she founded Oberding Law, a law practice focused on business and intellectual property. Juliet is an expert in intellectual property and internet law. She has co-authored and published several peer reviewed articles including "Designing a Web of Intellectual Property". Juliet holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations and a Juris Doctor degree from McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific. She is passionate about empowering patients through personalized, predictive and participatory medicine. Juliet is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Michael Brown ,EvenBetterHalf

Michael Brown is the founder and CEO of EvenBetterHalf, an online/mobile application that offers couples a competitive, but lighthearted, means for exposing all that they do for each other by gamifying their daily contributions to the relationship. While getting EvenBetterHalf off the ground, Michael works at Digitaria, where he is the Vice President of Media & Entertainment, running strategy, account management and business development for Digitaria's large portfolio of entertainment clients, including Disney, NBC, FOX and more. Prior to Digitaria, he worked as the Director of Production, Digital Media for the Bravo Network, where he managed the launch and day-to-day operations for some of Bravo’s biggest web properties, including; Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Project Runway, Top Chef and the Real Housewives of Orange County. Michael holds a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Advertising. He has a deep love for technology, indie music and mid-century modern architecture. Michael is passionate about utilizing technology to make peoples’ lives easier and more fulfilling. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Mikhail Erekhinsky ,

Misha Erekhinsky is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Physics at UCSD with a research focus in spin transport and magnetism in nano-structures. He has co-authored and published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, and was awarded one provisional patent related to his research. Misha received his M.S. degree in applied physics and math from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2005. He is passionate about coalescing technology and nature, and the process of making technological advancements more available to a larger spectrum of people with the idea of improving everyday lives. During his graduate program Misha learned how to manage complex projects and work with a team of collaborators. He intends to apply these skills to starting his own company. In 2011 Misha served as a marketing director at UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge. She looks forward to getting to know all the inspiring bright individuals in this program and learning about the process of creating a business. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Miranda Toledo ,LifeTree

Miranda Toledo is the Founder of LifeTree, which provides a community-centric environment for young children and adults where healthy food options and lifestyle choices help lay the foundation for a happy, holistic life. While getting LifeTree off the ground, Miranda makes a difference in the medical device industry where she has worked for several companies ranging from small start-up’s to large corporations such as Cardinal Health, Inc. and CareFusion. She currently works in Marketing at MEPS Real-Time, Inc. which provides a cutting-edge RFID solution for hospitals to manage high-value, critical-dose medication dispensing and delivery to patients. She received her BS degree in Journalism and minor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from San Diego State University and M. Ed from Point Loma Nazarene University. Miranda is a devoted runner, reader and traveler. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation by volunteering to make a brighter future for the local community. Her hope is to see many generations of vibrant, social-minded businesses and consumers. Her volunteer work has been formally recognized by the cities of Del Mar, Encinitas and San Dieguito as well as the County of San Diego. She is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Nate Ritter ,Perfect Space

Nate Ritter is the co-founder of Perfect Space, Inc., creator of PingBid*, an innovative and transparent platform for the financial lead generation sector aimed at reducing fraud while increasing revenue for lenders and marketers alike. Prior to Perfect Space, he worked at Eventful, Inc., where he refactored the entire front-end codebase for the world’s largest events and venues database. Nate’s web development clients have included Land Rover, Microsoft and Activision/Blizzard. He is an expert in creating scalable web applications using the LAMP stack. Nate was was the first to create keyword filtered RSS feeds, popularized the “hashtag” using Twitter during the 2007 San Diego fires, and has been written about in numerous books and publications including the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired Magazine, Mashable, and NPR. He holds a degree in Management Information Systems. He is a fan of the microfinance movement, all things related to business strategy, and the Firefly TV series (secretly wishing to become Malcom Reynolds when space cowboys exist). Nate is passionate about solving the problem of banking impoverished, unbankable entrepreneurs. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Nikki Truitt ,Code Fluidics

Nicole Truitt enjoys technology, art, startups, the outdoors, her community and family. Nikki is the co-founder and co-inventor of Code Fluidics, which develops smart materials capable of changing the look and feel of consumer products in real time through the use of microfluidics. As VP of R&D at Agile Nano, she developed nanoliquid shock absorbers embedded in shoes and sporting goods. She has held Research Scientist positions at 3M and Caltech, and holds multiple Patents licensed by GE, Rhevision, Lubris, and Code Fluidics. Nikki co-founded and lead the UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge, a business plan competition focused on building a community of entrepreneurs in San Diego. She is an accomplished artist, with past exhibitions in Minneapolis, Boston and DC. Nikki studied mathematics and science at the University of Minnesota from 7th-12th grade; holds an S.B. in Materials Science & Engineering from MIT where she ran Varsity Track, was a Navy ROTC scholar and developed microfluidic lab-on-a-chip systems, smart materials, and submarine technologies; and holds an M.S. and C.Phil in Materials Science & Engineering from UC San Diego where continued work on microfluidics and nanocomputing as a Calit2 fellow. She is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Raymond Chan ,

Ray Chan is passionate about technology, the entrepreneurship essential for launching ventures, and the capital markets required to resource cutting edge innovation. He is a leader in the medical device industry, directing technology R&D and strategy for Philips Healthcare Imaging Systems. Ray operates at the confluence of academia, startups, large corporations, and Wall Street to realize his vision of rapid innovation cycles which bring compelling products to market. He is a propeller-head at heart with a love for life-long learning that has led to a BSc in Biomedical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, an MSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, and a PhD from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Ray is an avid investor and inventor on 50 patents filed or in process. He has used his interest in entrepreneurship to co-found a quantitative finance startup in New York and a mobile computing incubator spanning California and Singapore. In his spare time, Ray juggles his 20-year karate addiction with his wife and family of 3 budding entrepreneurs. He is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program of San Diego.

Renee Zau ,DonationMatch

Renee Zau is Co-Founder of DonationMatch, a website that puts in-kind donations at your fingertips. Prior to DonationMatch, she was a fitness center owner and franchisee of Curves International, where she opened three clubs in four years, mentored over 60 other club openings worldwide, and founded the first regional marketing co-op in the company. Renee also chairs a nonprofit and manages several silent auctions each year. She is an expert in charitable marketing, fundraising event planning, and franchisee co-op marketing. Renee Zau was a finalist for the Business Women’s Mega Mixer Entrepreneur Award, San Diego, in 2012. She holds a degree in Bioengineering from UCSD and skates for San Diego Roller Derby. Renee is passionate about helping nonprofits run more efficiently and effectively with a business mindset and helping organizations, companies, and people to work together and think win-win. She is a 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Russell McLoughlin ,Dealstruck

Russell McLoughlin is Co-Founder and CTO of Dealstruck, a online lending platform for small and medium-size businesses. Prior to founding Dealstruck, Russell worked as a Computer Scientist at the Biodefense Knowledge Center at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he applied his expertise in machine learning and large scale knowledge discovery to problems related to biodefense. Prior to Livermore, Russell toured high tech, working at Google, Apple and a number of other technology companies. At Google, he worked as part of the Machine Translation group and while at Apple he created rich client-side web applications. Russell earned both his M.S. and B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Shelly Bowen ,Red Piggy Press, LLC

Shelly Bowen is the founder and principal of Pybop, a web content strategy consultancy, and Red Piggy Press, a children’s book app publisher. Before starting her own business in 2008, she was VP of content at RealAge, a health media company, and principal web editor at Intuit overseeing all web content for TurboTax. Shelly launched her career in children's book publishing at the award-winning publisher Harcourt Brace. Then she followed her heart to the online world, where she has worked in executive positions producing and directing digital experiences for more than 12 years. Recently she has spoken on her content strategy approach at the 2nd annual content strategy conference in MN, Confab, and at the Ad Club’s Interactive Day. She’s also been nominated as Woman of the Year 2011 and 2012 by San Diego Magazine and for the NAWBO BRAVO Award as a Trailblazer in her industry. Shelly earned her BA degree in English and MFA in Creative Writing from San Diego State University, California. She is passionate about helping kids become independent, creative problem solvers and furthering the advancement of education for primary grades as a whole. She is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Steve Suhrheinrich ,Curvo Labs

Steve Suhrheinrich is Co-Founder of Curvo Labs, an analytics platform that brings winning business opportunities to hospitals and medical device companies in the $150 billion healthcare supply chain. He currently works at Aol where he directs the southern California sales division. Steve has also worked at an online media start-up, an investment fund investing in early stage companies and as an officer in the US Navy. He is an expert in leadership, operations and business development. Steve holds a degree in mathematics and engineering science from Vanderbilt University and a MBA from San Diego State University. Steve is passionate about taking cost out of healthcare through innovative technologies and efficiencies. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Susan Lee ,GP International LLC

Susan Lee is one of the co-founders of GP International, a mobile health company whose goal is to empower people to take their health into their own hands through apps like Period Tracker, a women's health and fertility app on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. Prior to GP International, she worked at a nonprofit working with people from underprivileged countries and as an middle school teacher. She holds a degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley and an MA in Education from Biola University. She is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

Thanasi Glavas , Change Hive

Thanasi Glavas is a graduate of the University of Maryland with B.A. in Sociology, he is motivated by a passion for understanding and improving the human experience. He is currently the Business Development Manager at the World Resources SimCenter, a facility dedicated to sustainability and conscious decision making. In a recent past position as a Sales Manager with Source Media (American Banker, Bond Buyer) for the conference and event division in New York City, he gained insight and experience dealing with C level clients and providing solutions for fortune 100 companies. Upon relocating to San Diego he has been spearheading the development of the TEDxAmericasFinestCity community which brings people together from various communities and subgroups to examine advancements in technology, entertainment and design while bridging the gap of societal differences. Thanasi has also consulted for various start-up businesses in the technology (GreenRope) and social media space (Saambaa) since moving to San Diego. He believes the sustainable development and advancement of society is within our reach and will be achieved through the development of social enterprises that embrace a triple bottom line of; people, planet and profit. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

William Ellerman ,FSKick

William Ellerman has worked on internet marketing and web development campaigns for top .coms, fortune 500 companies and newly founded start ups. With a thorough understanding of front end and back end code, conversion optimization, website strategy, branding, and design and the ability to grow website traffic through SEO, PPC, media acquisition, social media, viral marketing, content marketing, email marketing and traffic hacking, William has played an integral role in businesses at all stages. With a degree in business administration and additional education in programming, frameworks, professional writing, web design, image editing, video editing, algorithms and cutting edge internet technology the only thing William can’t do well is sleep. He is 2013 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program in San Diego.

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