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SLP was started in 2006 and has grown to a global Program with over 200 Fellows, and one of the most innovative education programs, as well as one of the highest quality networks of entrepreneurs and innovators in the world. Through this program you will get access to the same outstanding quality of Fellows all over the world. SLP is complementary to, and not a substitute for leading incubators and accelerators. Please go through the Program, Calendar, Curriculum, Fees and Expectations to get a good sense of the Program.


Education, Networks And Your Startup

Three things matter to us. Education, Networks and your Startup. Through a combination of these three, we hope to create the best trained startup CEOs and Founders, who stand the greatest chance of success. Through SLP, we aim to solve your problems, get your startups off the ground, answer your pressing problems. We do not aim to provide generic learnings or basic information that you can get from reading a book, reading a blog or watching videos of panels and speeches online. Since we only spend 60 hours in class, everything we do needs to be high impact. Our calendar ensures frequency of interactions, and a combination of a formal and informal setting that is aimed at the creation of strong bonds of friendship, an exciting, highly interactive learning environment, and many opportunities to come up with new ideas for learning exercises, and inviting speakers, mentors and judges to mentor our startups.

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Admissions Schedule

  • June 1 - July 15: Admissions Round 1
  • July 31 - Round 1 Decisions
  • July 16 - August 1: Admissions Round 2
  • August 15 - Round 2 Decisions
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