Neculai Archip’s BeanSuppah Connects Farmers & Consumers in These Challenging Times (SLP Boston, 2016).

For the past several weeks, Neculai has been in isolation in Portland, Maine taking care of a family member. As they were looking to order fresh food from local farms in line with social distancing guidelines, they couldn’t find an easy way to do that. They were only able to find a spreadsheet maintained by the Maine Cooperative Extension team. So instead of watching Netflix, given their experience in technology, they created a free website to help both farmers and people connect with each 

What started as a small project, the website’s functionality will now be extended to ~400 farms in Maine, as there seems to be an interest from individuals/food banks/farmers - e.g. some farmers are disposing of food, as they have lower demand, and disruptions in the supply chain. With so many people needing food (e.g. food banks) and food being available in excess now at farms, they are trying to provide an easy tech solution for this. 

Message from Neculai & Kathleen: We are thrilled to make an impact and to help communities in these turbulent times. Hope the entire SLP community is doing well!

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April 2020