Dr Mandar Dharmadhikari’s (SLP Pune, 2018) Quantesla Medical Technologies Receives Prestigious Award for the Innovative Physiotherapy Device - Celtron (QRT)

Quantesla has received a prestigious award for the innovative Physiotherapy device - Celtron (QRT) from  Mahratta Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MCCIA) for the New Product and Design category. Here is a full list of awardees. https://deccanexpress.co/pune/pune-mccia-annual-awards-2020-heres-the-list-of-winners-of-these-prestigious-awards-12500


Quantesla is an innovative med-tech startup with a mission to achieve early patient recovery. At Quantesla, they deeply studied the science of healing and developed an innovative solution, ‘Quantum Resonance Therapy’ to apply it to existing methods of Physiotherapy. 

Website: https://quantesla.co.in/