Sumiit Rai’s EUGateway (Study Abroad Consulting Firm; SLP Pune, 2016) Featured in India Today as One of the 5 Platforms That Can Help Shape Your Career Abroad

EUGateway grooms students to secure a place in an European university, guides them to shape their careers and guards them till they become a fine professional ready to face challenges of the outside world. They facilitate the journey into the top-notch university in Europe and assist you with the end to end admission process.

They specialize in Education in European countries as well as offering language training programmes to the aspirants. By virtue of their experiences, EUGateway team manages to achieve a strong foothold in the European sector and is constantly looking for new initiatives and tie-ups.

An engineer or any student willing to pursue his higher education, an indecisive undergraduate with a wavering opinion about his career path, a professional postgraduate opting for PhD, weaker scores, greater ambitions, has mentored them all.

Guiding the aspirants with identifying the right course and university, the application and admission procedure and guidance for visa procedure are what does.

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