Emily Welsch of Pixi (SLP Boston, 2016) Gets Press!

SLP is proud to announce that Pixi Cycling, an apparel startup aimed at offering functional and fashionable cycling apparel, tailor-made for women was featured in an article in the Boston Business Journal!  You can check out the article here.

The idea for Pixi was spurred by Emily, who graduated with a master's degree in organic chemistry from Boston University and went on to work at Boston's Halloran Consulting Group.

Emily says, “If you're feeling particularly social today, please support me by posting the story on your social media.  Every post is equal to 5,000 entrepreneurial karma points or 1,000 high-fives from startup angels, whichever you prefer!” You can contact Emily at emwelsch@gmail.com and have a look at Pixi Cycling here.