CareMonkey by Troy Westley (SLP Melbourne, 2013) features in Startup Daily for being “a leader in the Australian HealthTech pack”

CareMonkey is a success story. It’s been quite a year for the startup, which recently won a Talent Unleashed award and a trip to Richard Branson’s Necker Island and took out the top prize at last month’s Slush event in Finland, winning 650,000 euros.

The company, which has created a medical information platform that keeps medical and emergency details up to date for any organisation with a duty of care. CareMonkey is a social network of sorts for sharing medical information and advice about individuals with their friends, families, teachers, carers, coaches – anyone who may spend time around them and therefore be present in the event of a medical emergency. A simple idea at its core, the platform can be the difference between a life saved and a life lost. Read more here.  

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