Mike Brusov released a new pivoted version for financial vertical - C.Indicator

"Crowd forecasting for future events on political and financial markets"

That is the the mission statement of C.Indicator, the newly pivoted venture of SLP Fellow Mike Brusov. The start-up focusses on providing accurate forecasts using the theory of "The Wisdom of the Crowd" . Their accuracy depends on the diversity of the group and aggregation of opinions. This is a brilliant idea that Mike har realized in the from of C.Indicator.

The C.Indicator team wishes to get in touch with business angels who have an interest in financial technology and big data. They would greatly appreciate any help in this regard.

Read more about their work here: http://cindicator.com/

Connect with Mike here : mike@thevoteapp.com mike@thevoteapp.com

Mohit Chandel (SLP Correspondent)