Aindra Labs Pvt Ltd.Founder: Abhishek Mishra

AIndra Labs is one of the top 10 Artificial Intelligence startup in India. It pioneers in Computer Vision (CV) and Machine Learning (ML). It specialises in processing images and videos captured from real life scenarios using Visual Analytics Platform. This technology enables Forestry, Mining, Insurance and FinTech companies worldwide.

Alitum SolutionsFounder: Abhinav Jain

A company started by IIM Bangalore Graduates having a customer engagement platform that captures customer feedback in real time from anywhere in this world and helps organizations gain customer insights to take actions at the right time.Feedback was always boring! No one wants to fill those long, boring, irrelevant feedback forms. Fungroo came into existence to revolutionize the feedback system. We are committed to make feedback process fun and more engaging. Customers would be delighted to share their experience because there is always some incentives for them. Store owners would want us if they want to retain their customers and increase their revenue by upselling/cross selling them.

amita.aiFounder: Govind Jeyaram reduces the time taken for the selection of Interior products. With an intelligent engine and cognitive inputs, customers are engaged in the platform and customer satisfaction is high. Once selected, customers can walkin to a nearby store listed in the platform to Touch & Feel the products and close the sale in the store.

Arrisma LabsFounder: Gautam Khot

Stealth Mode

AugVirtue Technologies Pvt LtdFounder: Prachee Mandlekar

Augmented Reality Services Provider, offering unique living experience to the clients & their clients to cater various domains like Automotive, Educations, Marketing/Advertising.

Avench SystemsFounder: Sajith Kandiyil

Avench systems is an electronic product design and development company specialized in embedded systems, which forms the brain of all the machines created till date.

CoolCastFounder: Soumya Das

CoolCast lets you stream your media directly from your device to your friends' devices. Without the need to upload, you can share thousands of videos with your friends in an instant.

Criador Design Labs Pvt LtdFounder: Abhishek Reddy

A design firm built on the foundation of innovation believing in creative innovation combined with human centric methodologies to create the best in class design solutions. They work with people and firms who are ambitious, creative, innovative, and brand conscious.

DeepSight AI labsFounder: Rakesh Channaiah

A computer vision platform using advanced AI, Deep Learning and proprietary algorithms offering customised solutions to surveillance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment verticals. One of the key applications for CCTV Surveillance sector is known as “SuperSecure” – a Smart Surveillance Solution.

Eazy Tech Pvt ltd PiggeyBancFounder: Nida Sahar

EazyCred Tech Pvt Ltd has created a market place to serve the F&B industry in terms of their basic day to day needs. Examples restaurants would want products such as spices, oils, milk etc on a day to day basis. Using PiggeyBanc's market place they can order these online and gain substantial discounts.

Enzen GlobalFounder: Vinod Nair

Top 5 UK and Indian consulting and services company working specifically in the Energy and Utilities market.

Evenion Solutions Pvt LtdFounder: Sudhir Haregoppa

Evenion Solutions builds Digital Transformation and IoT solutions. Their first product AmbuCare provides a Smart Ambulance System for Single Platform Connectivity, bringing the dispatch, ambulance, hospital, police, fire and insurance to a single platform with Ambulance at the core. They provide logistics management, vitals monitoring, traffic management and mobility at their technology front.

FinstofursFounder: Vaibhav Shetty is more than just an online shopping store. Unlike a traditional eCommerce store, we don't just sell goods, we offer companionship. We recognize that one does not just "buy" a pet like one buys an inanimate object like a phone or clothes. A pet is so much more! A pet is a child to some, a best friend for others and for most an integral part of the family. Keeping this in mind, we have tried to build a company that recognizes this, and we treat every single little friend we handle with as much care and passion as you would. So when you buy from us, be rest assured, you buy a happy pet.

Foradian TechnologiesFounder: Abdulla Hisham

Foradian is the world 's leading provider of enterprise software solutions for education institutions. Their product, Fedena, is a complete student information system in cloud. Their other product, Uzity, enables organizations to teach and learn using the power of internet.

Fraggingmonk TechnologiesFounder: Vaibhav Shetty

Fraggingmonk Technologies Pvt Limited was incorporated in early 2014, by the team which put up LXG, with the aim of providing users with the most powerful Gaming machines in India. We bring in years of experience we have gathered being gaming enthusiasts to build systems that perform from a gamers point of view. Fraggingmonk rigs are based and built around the fact that we have a clear understanding of the potential of each and every component that goes into the system. This allows us to offer customized modding solutions to hard core gaming enthusiasts or a preconfigured system to a casual gamer. We believe in catering to all categories of gamers..